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    You should have up to eight characters/actions on your team. These should be assigned up to 20 total dice taking into account the max number of dice (typically 4) for each card. You then select 2 Basic Action cards.

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    You don't even have to have 20 dice. In most Rainbow Draft games you'll have fewer than 20 dice.

    This is the information on team building from the upcoming Age of Ultron set.

    Tournament Teams
    For tournament competition, each player starts with 20 life and 20 dice. For fun games, feel free to use 15 life and 15 dice instead. Each player will choose two different Basic Action Cards and up to eight character and/or action cards. While you can use heroes and villains together, or characters from different teams, you can’t use two cards with the same name (even if they have different subtitles). For example, if you choose Hawkeye: Formerly Ronin, you cannot also choose Hawkeye: Trick Shot. Your 20 dice can be distributed among your eight cards however you like, as long as no individual card has more than the maximum number of dice listed on it. Each card must have at least one die.

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    Tournament is max 8 character/action cards, 2 basic action cards and up to 20 dice. 20 Life points
    Standard is max 6 cards, 2 BACs still, and up to 15 dice. 15 health.
    I played one game of standard with my kid when we were learning and we've been playing with the 8/20 tournament rules ever since.

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