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Thread: Just want some feedback on this deck

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    Just want some feedback on this deck

    Hey guys. Fairly new to dice masters; been playing since about February. I made this team out of cards I picked up off packs, trades and two starters and wanted to see what you thought. So far I haven't lost with it.

    Beast-Genetic expert: 4 of them at 2 cost.

    Human Torch-Playing with Fire: 2 of them at 2 cost.

    Antman-Biophysicist: 4 of them at 2 cost.

    Cheetah-Cursed archeologist: 4 of them at 3 cost.

    Iceman-Too cool for words: 1 of them at 5 cost.

    Nova-The Human Rocket: 2 of them at 5 cost.

    Professor X-Trainer: 1 of them at 6 cost.

    Hulk: Jade Giant or Green Goliath: 2 of them at 6 cost.

    Polymorph and Magic Missile

    So the crux of my deck is the Iceman global interaction with magic missile's global. I can pay a bolt to get 4-8 a turn and ping lots. Using that to ping Hulk to clear the board and ping Nova to win. With so many 2 costs I can be flexible in my early buys and get blockers out as needed while keeping my pxg ramp going. Normally I can get polymorph turn two and Hulk/Nova on three and poly them in. So that's the team. Let me know what you think.
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    As a rule of thumb, I try to avoid characters that take up the same value slots in my decks unless I need them for some combo or ramp mechanism. What i define as value slots are:
    Early buys: 1-3 cost of X energy type
    Mid tier buys: 4-5 cost of X Energy type
    Late game buys: 6-7 cost of an energy type for which I have a lower cost character.

    here you're overlapping in the 1-3 cost Bolts department, and I don't think Torch adds enough to the deck to warrant keeping him. Perhaps replace him with an AoE character (if you go JG) or a reliable single target removal (if you go GG). Another option would be a global you could use to win the game or ramp more quickly. If you're sticking to Capes, perhaps upgrading to the Antman with the global and/or add in a mid-range character for some form of defense or removal. An Iron Man of some sort might come in handy for you. Silver Surfer would be a good option for a ramping global. If you could get a red dragon from DnD that too could help you get over the top for direct damage.

    Just some ideas.

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    I run a very similar team, and have won a lot with it. You can find it in strategy called Ramp BaBomb. Theory in it is solid. I would only suggest thinking about Jade Giant over the Green Goliath. It is better for removing significant problems faster but less board clear which is not a problem with a nova Deck. I would also think about changing Playing with fire for Johnny Storm as you can use him to do damage to your opponent and the GG or JG at the same time. Helping with board clear.

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    The reason I have been running so many two costs is to keep my pxg ramp. After my first three turns I almost always have one two cost character, polymorph, and hulk or nova. It's simply for consistency. I almost never get a "bad" roll. Absolutely Johnny storm is better but he's a four cost. I run jade giant with beast and green goliath with psylocke. That way I have one removal source on my team. Iceman's global is the main reason my team seems to run so smooth.

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