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Thread: Bremerton & Kitsap County, WA area players!

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    Bremerton & Kitsap County, WA area players!

    Starting Thursday, May 28th, every second and fourth Thursday from 6pm to 10, head to The Game Wizard & Blue Sky Hobbies for our new open-format Dice Masters league! Let's gather, talk shop, trade, compete, and roll some dice! OP and constructed tournaments are all possible, with special events to be announced. Come check us out!

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    Hey dude, good to see you on the boards. You should also join the Dice Masters South Puget Sound FB group. If you don't have a FB account, create one just for this--I did! We have some Kitsap members and the DM scene is growing locally. It'd be good to increase the synergies by pulling your people into the FB group as well. Hope to see you there!

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    Wow, I haven't logged in for a while... Ya, let's see... joined Facebook, had to reorganize life once it sucked all the spare time away from me. Now active on VASSAL. So, the League moved to Discordia Games (630 Callow, Bremerton), which some (I. E. Indy) knew. Also, we're on FaceBook, so I bet EVERYONE knew that. And... stuff.

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