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Thread: Lex Luthor: Former President Question

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    Lex Luthor: Former President Question

    Lex Luthor: Former President text - Whenever you use a basic action die, roll it. If it is an action face, add it to your Prep Area.

    Question: Since it does not say "when active" does that mean you don't have to have an active lex luthor to gain the effect?

    That doesn't seem to mae sense, but whenever I read the card I can't help but think don't need an active Luthor.

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    All card abilities are assumed to include "While in the field", unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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    Show me a card that doesn't have to be active in order to use its ability, and I'll show you a card that will likely make it on to pert near every team.

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    That's the only one so far, although it is strongly suspected that the SR Thanos from AoU will have part of his ability (his cost-reduction) take place regardless of his active status.

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    You use a basic action die meaning it was a character face. You get to roll it again. If its energy it goes straight to used (you already used it). If its a character face, add it to your prep. Not really that hard to understand.

    Better off with the rare Baron Zemo. Use an action die and pay 1 and add it to your prep

    As for cards, ALWAYS assume that they must be active for their effects unless stated otherwise in the card text.

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    Using an action die is defined as moving the action face from the reserve pool to generate an effect. Moving Millennium puzzle to the field is using it. Moving imprisoned to the field is using it. Moving Polymorph to the used is using it. Moving Cerebro to a card is using it.

    Hope those examples help.

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