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Thread: DC Villain Team Feedback and refinement

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    DC Villain Team Feedback and refinement

    At my LGS we can only play one license teams (All DC, All Marvel, All D&D, or All YuGiOh!). I have put together this team to try and be competitive, but being new to the game I need a lot of help.

    Black Mantra: Deep Sea Deviant x 2
    Cheetah: Cursed Archaeologist x 4
    Blue Beetle: Jaime Rayes x 2
    Harley Quinn: Dr. Harleen Quinzel x 2 (Add for cheap masks if the opponent is playing with PXG)
    The Joker: Clown Prince of Crime x 3 (Added because with Harley on the field he is a cheap villain and if I understand him correctly can counter Tsarina or Gobby)
    Deathstroke: Weapons Master x 2
    Constantine: Hellblazer x 3 (I debated between this and Captain Cold: Lenard Wynters)
    Lex Luthor: Former President x 2 (Here I am hoping to get to roll my action dice a lot more, but I'm not sure it will help much)

    Action Cards
    Fist of Fury
    Villainous Pact

    Local Meta
    Marvel: usual PXG, Tsaina, Gobby, Hulk: Green Goliath, Variety of Nick Furys, etc.
    DC: So far exclusively Aqua man discount JL-Retaliation teams. I have no clue of the other DC only teams out there.

    I'm looking to refinement of the team as well as play strategy of the team.

    Thank all for the forthcoming input.

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    As great as Constantine is I'd toss him out for Katana - Outsider. Having her be able to get +1A for every Villain die in play can make her a pain to deal with.

    I would toss out Fist Of Fury and replace it with either Anger Issues or Pandora's Box if you have it. Use AI with Katana to make her a killing machine with +3A and Overcrush. Then with Pandora's Box use the global to turn your opponent's characters into villains before you KO them for Black Manta's Retaliation to go into affect and it beefs up Katana to boot.

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    I don't have pandora's box, and since the only store in town that has Dice Masters tournys is still giving out AvX OP cards I doubt I will. The store is not a very good store. It is the owners hobby, not his business.

    I did eye Katana for a while. She would work well with Anger issues. I originally didn't take anger issues because I was concerned about it being used against me. I do tend to be a defensive player in most games. I need to be more aggressive.

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    Woof, DC means no Venom which means you're gonna have a difficult time. I've lost games with the villain deck I talk about here ( and that was usually because Venom refused to roll a face. I'd say that you're going to heavily rely on Hellblazer slowing down your opponent, so that's always going to be your first-turn purchase, and then you'll need to accelerate into the Joker to stop whatever they're using to sweep with from hitting the table.

    If their game-ruining threat is already out though, you're hard-up for removal, so I'd say trade out Fist of Fury (it's not doing anything for your deck that Black Manta and Deathstroke can't already do for you) for a removal basic action like Phantom Zone. I don't use it in my Venom-based villain deck largely because it's great against Venom, but given you don't have a linchpin in your deck, it's a perfect addition:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Likely if it's used against you, it'll be to get Constantine out of the way because he's a nightmare to play against. Your biggest challenge is going to be purchase order, but if you're leading with Constantine you have plenty of time to figure that out.

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