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Thread: Article: Heroic: A Second Look

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    The only time I've ever tried to play with Heroic is in a casual game where both me and my opponent attempted to use it. It is a fun idea, but definitely challenging to pull off. Would be nice if a few of the Heroic cards had a global ability that made it easier to execute in someway. Or perhaps a BAC that provided a game play bonus for any character with a Heroic ability.

    Definitely fun and satisfying when you can pull it off though...I used a Cyclops Red Hulk team up

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    I feel like if there were more cheap Heroic characters they'd be much more usable. Teamwatch and Teamwork seem more like what they intended Heroic to be. Let's hope it's usable this time around.

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    I played Magic the gathering during the Innistrad block where they introduced a mechanic called soulbond, which is very similar to heroic. soulbond was stronger in that it wasn't just for one turn (it was for as long as they were both on the field), and that a creature/character could bond with any other character. What made soulbond fun was giving things abilities that their colour couldn't normally have, or just great abilities in general. When I saw heroic, my first thought was "oh, soulbond but terrible". The way the mechanic is now, I'm not even sure I would want it to become a common ability because as far as I'm aware heroic characters don't even have abilities outside heroic so even if there were good/ cheap heroic characters it would be extremely difficult to build a team that was either all or no heroic characters. Even with the affiliations like villains, you can throw green goblin and spider-man on the same team, the game doesn't force you to run no heroes if you want a couple of villains.

    I think the best way to fix heroic would be to just errata the whole mechanic to let it at least hook up with any character (or possible any character sharing an affiliation). That way, you can augment already good characters and cover up their weaknesses or make them stronger.

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    Heroic required a significant resource investment for a non-equivalent benefit. I think that there are ways to do it well, it just wasn't balanced that great.

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    I think there are at least a couple heroic characters that can work out in a pretty spectacular way, they just require a very dedicated investment.

    Thrown Car + Captain America + Red Hulk = 25-29 damage with overcrush

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