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Thread: 5/21, Unlimited Tourney, Graham Crackers, DeKalb, IL

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    5/21, Unlimited Tourney, Graham Crackers, DeKalb, IL

    This was another week playing from some OP leftovers, however there were some really nice leftovers in play. Most notably the trio of Phoenix Force, Colossus (Phoenix) and Cyclops (Phoenix). Other cards that were out there for second place and on included Apocalypse- Earth, Beast- Nefarious, Wolverine- Walking his Own Path, etc.

    I have the Phoenix Force OP stuff, but I did want to score another Phoenix Force card and die for my son so I went in with a pretty strong team (similar to last week's with a couple tweaks).

    Green Goblin- Gobby, 4
    Human Torch, Johnny Storm, 3 (would switch this out for the 2 drop next time)
    Constantine, Con Artist, 3
    Firestrom, Jason and Ronnie, 4 (rapidly becoming one of my 3 faves from the new set)
    Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants, 1 (for his global)
    Loki, Gem Keeper, 1
    Iceman, Too Cool for Words, 1 (for his global)
    Apocalypse, Earth-295, 3

    As I said in my previous post, running a bolt team is not something I do. In fact, this tournament marks the second tourney I've run it and I believe the third evening all together. I usually end up mashing together a bunch of my good stuff so I have options.

    Game 1 vs. Other Paul- I lose the roll off (which will be a theme). Paul has a Justice League team built primarily around the Aqua/WW purchase combo, Zatanna wall to help ramp and then a Superman/Shazam/Batman trio with an Anger Issues BAC. He rolls solidly, gets an Aqua and pings the PXG.

    I too roll decently, buying a Gobby and then fielding a sidekick.

    The next couple turns are uneventful as he ends up getting the WW and a pair of Zatannas. In the meantime, I grab another Gobby, ping PXG a few times and ultimately end up with 5 sidekicks in the field. On my next turn I get the Gobbys going and hit him for 10. However, he does a great job of blocking and I can't get them out of the field.

    On my next turn, I take a shot, spin all of my sidekicks to bolts and snag an Apocalypse. In the next two rounds, I still can't get Gobby off the field, buy and field a Firestorm and finally get out Apocalypse.

    At this point, he has 8 characters in the field and is down, I believe to 8 points of life. He rolls, 5 come up energy and game over.

    Game 2 vs. New Guy- I lose the roll off (again). Nick's a bit newer to the game and DC is what brought him in. He's got a mixture of DC stuff, focused mainly around SR Constantine, Martian Manhunter-Green Martian, Black Canary SR and the Harley Quinn that needs to be blocked last. His goal is control with Constantine while fielding an army to get Harley unblocked. My strategy stays the same (although I have to admit, I'm now disappointed any time I don't get to pop out Apocalypse) and I roll solidly. I end up springing a Firestorm as I can't get Gobby off the field. I'm beginning to see the value of the Magneto global! He goes for a late rush that I let a lot of through simply to keep my army to push. I pull a Rally! and build the rest up and take the game with a sidekick, Gobby and Firestorm rush.

    Game 3 vs. Cameron- I loss the roll off (three out of three). He's running a straight D & D team and I don't know much of it. He's running a 1 drop Jar and a 4 point, red character, that can allow for unblockable attacks. He's 2-0, I'm 2-0 and it's a face-off for the night's winner. I roll TONS of sidekicks out of the gate and by round 4 have pinged him for 10 points by fielding 2 Gobbys. I decide that since I'm in a good place, I'll take a big chance. On my fifth turn, I spin all of my sidekick dice to bolts and use the energy to score Apocalypse again and then ping PXG so he comes out next. Apoc comes out, spins his guys, game over.

    I win and get the Phoenix Force. I end up trading one card out for the Iron Man Hulkbuster simply because I don't have it and almost pulled the trigger for the Wolvy OP that allows you to recover damage but don't.

    Dice Masters has showed me something interesting though. I'm REALLY competitive when it comes to sports and even video games. I've won 3 of the last 4 tournaments I believe (with a second place finish in the other). Here I feel a touch bad when I storm through and win (partly I'm worried about getting in the way of maintaining momentum to build up the group) and so next week, I'm going a different route. We're playing 3 full teams, no card carry-over and so I'm going to build:

    1) A Justice League team
    2) A villain team
    3) Still debating. I may play my fist team as I get the Greater Humanoid D & D card and so I want to add it, dump Ant Man and try it out OR to keep the theme of just having fun, maybe a straight Avengers team, X-Men team or something else different and fun (Maybe heroes and their weapons- Thor and Mjolinir, Batman and Batarang, Green Lantern and the ring, Professor X and Cerebro or another attempt at heroic).

    Thanks for reading along and long live Apoc!

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    Good play! I, too, am a big fan of that Firestorm. Did you have to put this team against a Jade Giant or Green Goliath? How did it fare?

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    I've been wanting to really play around with the OP Apocalypse. Maybe I will get a chance after Worlds, and we stop testing different competetive teams.

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