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Thread: Semi-Constructed Marvel Team Possibilities

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    Semi-Constructed Marvel Team Possibilities

    My local LGS is hosting a Semi-Constructed this weekend for marvel only (still working on OP for UvX and UXM). For those that don't know Semi-Constructed is bring 4 cards and 10 boosters to for a team of 8. I want to run Tsarina, Johnny, PXG, but nor sure on the 4th. I have Gobby but don't like him that much as its very dependent on sidekicks. Any thoughts and why?

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    I say play Cyclops: Field Leader. Turns Johnny's 1 damage for fielding a character to 2. With you using PXG you can buy Johnny and Cyclops by your second and third turn. All you have to do the rest of the game is wall up.

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