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Thread: Dice master doubles

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    Dice master doubles

    Has anyone tried this format out in a store event setting? I'm curious how pairing would go and if you preselect a team of four. especially if pairings had duplicate characters.

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    @Mongooli and I intended to participate in the CAN Nationals Doubles event if we did not place in the top eight (luckily we both did). However the event didn't actually take place due to lack of time.

    In our instance we had fully planned the four characters we each intended to bring along with a single Basic Action per player. Thus eliminating the possibility of having any duplicates.

    In a store environment, I would imagine that most events would require a pair to be registered. Although I do like the idea that singles register and get matched up. I have played in a beach volleyball tournament where pairs were matched up each game. Dice Masters games might be difficult to facilitate this type of event though.

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    We played it a few times. The first setup was two people teamed up and played against the other teams. This worked great for 4 teams of 8 people. More recently we have been playing rotating teams, where each person teams up for a game then rotates partners. This works great with 4 players.

    As far as characters, we all brought full teams of 8 people. You pair up with your partner then select your 4 characters each and play on. This was the way we worked out conflicting / duplicate characters issues.

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    That's a great idea, Warg. I'm sure there are some fun Draft Doubles that could be taking place.

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    We also play a 4 man mini-version, which we also do drafts with in a semi-constructed format.

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    i would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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    I have been working on a League Event System. The Idea is to run the league in a limited card contained manner. People join the league and get 15 - 20 "booster packs" to create a team. System records cards and dice counts awarded. Every win and the system allocates a new booster to you, which you can then switch up your team. The games themselves can be played best 2 out of 3 or 1 offs. Each week is a round, so you have an entire week to play your opponent. Play them in Hangouts, VASSAL, or F2F Card Fight. Come back to the League System and record the winnings. Games can also be played in a doubles format.

    Couple of points still need to be working but I do have a working random drafter that 'feels' close to Rainbow drafting. And it down right mimics random pack opening. Right now, it has a complete card index with a team builder. The card index also has a full text search for an index rules forum as well as the ability to be expanded to include house rules. I was kind of hoping to use an external site for the cards index; however, I haven't asked either of the two excellent sites if I can punch through to their URLs.

    Just Keep an eye out for something called "Sunday Morning Comix League".

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