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Thread: Article: Age of Ultron Predictions: 6 Months Later

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    I enjoyed this retrospective and sincerely endorse a similar article for the Amazing Spider-Man set. If you are so inclined, maybe the community can create the character suggestions for you.

    My character would be Iron Spider.

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    He was on my list oc characters to highlight, but he didn't make the final cut. Maybe I need to put him back on

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    1. I remember reading that article when it was original. Nice follow up. It is fun to speculate.

    2. I kinda miss hearing from Katie. I was a little disappointed she didn't make a cameo on episode 50.

    3. I think at this point, we should expect Dice Masters to be primarily driven by movies and TV shows. They have to sell product so they've got to have mostly recognizable characters, but I'd really like to see more variety of characters since the source material is so rich.

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    I think we need a War of Light and Amazing Spider-Man prediction article/show.

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