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Thread: Thoughts for my next tourney (March 28, DeKalb, IL)

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    Thoughts for my next tourney (March 28, DeKalb, IL)

    Hey guys-

    I've had a couple really good runs with my two standard decks but I both want and need to shake things up for next week. We're having a 3 full team tourney (meaning that every player has to have 3 constructed teams [8 cards, 20 dice] with no card repeats). So, to have a bit of fun, I've got the following teams built. The JL one feels very standard, villain a bit more unique and my third is one of my fall backs but with the new addition of a kobold.

    Justice League
    Zatanna- Zatanna Zatara (4 dice)
    Aqua Man- Arthur Curry (4 dice)
    Wonder Woman- Champion (4 dice)
    Cyborg- Exceptionally Gifted (2 dice)
    Batman- World's Greatest Detective (2 dice)
    Martian Manhunter- Green Martian (2 dice)
    Superman- Kal-El (1 die)
    Green Lantern- Brightest Day (1 die)
    BAC- Teleport, Rally

    Black Manta- Deep Sea Deviant (4 dice)
    Harley Quinn- Dr. Harleen Quinzel (2 dice)
    The Joker- Clown Prince (2 dice)
    Death Stroke- Slade Wilson (4 dice)
    Toad- Tongue Lashing (2 dice)
    Doc Oc- Fully-armed (2 dice)
    Doctor Doom- Victor (2 dice)
    Venom- Angelo Fortunato (2 dice)
    BAC- Gearing Up, Anger Issues

    Kobold- Greater Human (4 dice)
    Black Widow- Tsarina (4 dice)
    Beast- Mutate #666 (3 dice)
    The Atom- Science Advisor (3 dice)
    Loki- Gem Keeper (1 die)
    Spiderman- Webslinger (2 dice)
    Wolverine- Canucklehead (2 dice)
    Hulk- Green Goliath (1 die)
    BAC- Teleport, Focus Power

    What changes would you recommend? Now, in all honesty, I'm just kind of trying some things out and I'm not looking to dominate. I've got some guilt over previous tourney runs and wanting to stay out of the way of blocking momentum with new players. The fist team is the exception there but I am genuinely playing with the Kobold, a new addition to my team. Thanks for any advice!

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    Drop doc oc and Harley joker from you villains team. Add mystique raven darkholme, nasty boy and Cheetah. Also move Anger issues to the JLA team and win by overcrush and brightest day. Anger issues into cyborg is a great early burst.

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