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Thread: Team Idea for 'The Prep Area': The Avengers are Heroes

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    Team Idea for 'The Prep Area': The Avengers are Heroes

    I may have said it already, but I absolutely adore the overcrush mechanic. I think it really changes the way the game is naturally played and I love fiddling with ways to make it overpowered. To that end, I decided to take a hint from the front page and see if I could also make the Heroic ability work. This was the result:

    Here we take a few ideas from my "Doctor Octopus has Anger Issues" team, while forging it into a more feasible setup. It still relies on a core overcrush swing, but now it has some smaller characters that are also meant to be fielded as well as being much less reliant on a huge bank of energy for the final push.

    The way the team works is pretty simple. Wall up with Iron Man and Beast with Namor thrown in if they're trying an overcrush strategy of their own. Using Nick Fury, you're going to be fielding half your team for absolutely free, which is great considering the heavy costs of these Avengers. The final play is pretty obvious, but devastating if it's pulled off properly. You manage to snap up and field both Red Hulk and Captain America at the same time, using the Beholder global to keep a Thrown Car (and maybe a force beam) ready for that moment. Once everything's on the field, it's go time. The combined Heroic abilities and Thrown care are going to put both Red Hulk and Captain america at a +8/+4 with overcrush, totaling a minimum of 25 damage. After that, it's time to attack. You can immediately use Doomcaliber Knight's global to put an end to any tricky distraction plays, and if you had a force beam stored up, now is the time. At the very least, it's going to reduce your opponent's defenses by one per character. Best case scenario is that it reduces their defenses by 2 per character, then blasts off and additional 3 points per Iron Man you have fielded, and even pings them for 1. This is going to be an incredible amount of damage to put up with and unless you opponent has some sort of invincible character, there's nothing they can do to stop the wall of pain aimed squarely in their general direction.

    The real issue with this team is that you're going to have a few issues purchasing your terrible twosome since they are definitely on the expensive side. One way you could alleviate this is to trade out Namor for a Psylocke to take advantage of the PXG your opponent will inevitably have and hopefully remove any threats that can put an end to your plan like opposing Iron Men, Toads, or Wonder Women to debuff the sidekicks. If you absolutely must, you can also swap out Iron Man and Force Beam for some other form of ramp, but I love involving Iron Man in any setup involving Overcrush. As I pointed out in my review of the AvX Iron man, he has the highest conversion rate for energy-to-damage in the entire game and while we can't take advantage of it due to Doomcaliber Knight, it's still a worthwhile combo with Force Beam on the side.

    Thanks for following along and I'd be very interested in ways to improve this setup. I understand that Heroic abilities are inherently weak, but the point of this team is to show that they can work with the right setup. Sadly, the cheap Heroics just don't work out and the mid priced ones are more geared for sustain rather than burst, so you don't really have many options for an offensive setup. On the plus side, you're opponent is guaranteed to multi-block your two heavy hitters, so even if they manage to shove them back, you're going to be rerolling them the very next turn. Have fun everybody!
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    You're quickly becoming my favourite person on the forum. Keep these suggestions coming. We've sort of mapped out some stuff, and I think you'll enjoy it!

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    Glad to hear that the work's appreciated. I've seen nothing but good things from this site and if recent signs are to be believed, it's only getting better! I'm still looking forward to your next episode, so here's hoping it comes out soon enough.

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    Dispelling some radio magic, we've already recorded it. Doing the edits now, so we can enjoy the 3 day weekend before uploading.

    I'm really liking the teams we have in that episode..... the beating I gave RJ definitely left him "bruised." *spoiler*

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    Hey, I won one too, sir. I WON ONE TOO.

    ...I got lucky, but still.

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    The first episode was great by the way. I love the ideas and the thought going into the teams. Thanks for a good podcast!

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    Yep, the podcast is awesome! All the Reserve Pool podcasts are awesome actually

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    Next one drops in about six hours. I hope you enjoy it!

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    I've waited this long, I think I can handle a few more hours, no matter how much I'm looking forward to it!

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    That's great to hear! I'm always interested in finding new ways to use cards in tandem and with Heroic, there's a lot of new cards and effects that have come out which can help make it work.

    Another combo I'm thinking about is combining the Heroic Marvel Girl with Vibe - Formerly Hardline and Cyclops - Team Leader for an interesting combo that doesn't need a 7-energy purchase. It combines both removal and lifegain in a pretty powerful swing since Marvel Girl is herself a bolt. I just wish there were some 4-cost Heroics to team up with since everything is pretty much rubbish or extremely expensive.

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