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Thread: Article: DC Dice Masters Draft Tier List

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    Hypothetical, but if someone drafts and wins with

    are they really good, really lucky, or really just crazy?
    Also Tier PXG is pretty funny.

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    Bold Prediction: the Worlds winner will have on their team!

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    Bold might not be the right word, maybe "touched", or " gifted". You know in the same way that people in straight jackets are some times euphamized.

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    I mean it's possible that people will have Vixen on their PERSON at worlds, but not on their teams.

    Not sure what I mean by *that*.

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    That was supposed to be "trash can" not "team", stupid auto correct. ;-)

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    Thanks, edited. PS, I'm leaving him Teir 2 Dave, I don't care if you care. :P

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    Great list. Kinda think Speedster is more tier II. I know personally if I seem him I take him first. If he has at least 2 dice.

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    Maybe I'll try it in a hybrid constructed event. I'll do some testing and let you know

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    Hawkman: World's Fiercest Attacker needs to be in the same tier as Cheetah: Cursed Archaeologist. Their cards are exactly the same except Hawkman is "blocked" while Cheetah is "attacks."

    I don't expect any opponent in their right mind would allow Hawkman to get through to avoid taking only 1 damage from blocking him. This basically means Hawkman has the same effect as Cheetah giving auto-damage when she attacks and is blocked.

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    but cheetah cannot be stopped in any way, but an opponent can simply let Hawkman threw to get him off the field and get him back into the bag for a minute. So I can see why he is not on the same level of Cheetah because you cannot stop the damage in any way in rainbow.

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    In addition, Cheetah is a villain AND a bolt. Hawkman is only one. Cheetah keeps you open.

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