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    JL Theme.dec


    Aquaman (3 dice) - Cost Fixing
    Zatanna (4 dice) - Ramp
    Wonder Woman (2 dice) - Flex/Cost Fixing
    Cyborg (4 dice) - Smashy Smash Smash
    The Flash (2 dice) - Wall evader
    Batman (2 dice) - Because I'M BATMAN...yyyeeeeaaahhh!
    Martian Manhunter (2 dice) - Flex JL theme
    Green Lantern (1 die) - Flex JL theme

    The meta at my FLGS is more casual than meta so I can look into more thematic/casual fun decks to play. I've been working on a Action Dice.dec as well but in play testing it is unreliable at best, although a great deal of fun (I'll post it separately).

    Either way this is my take on a JL themed deck. If I had a Green Lantern - Brightest Day that would be in there in place of Willpower.

    The idea is as follows:

    Turn 1 - Aquaman, Global Villainous Pact.
    Turn 2 - Zatanna or Cyborg, Global Villainous Pact.
    Turn 3 - Field Zatanna or Aquaman, buy Cyborg or Teamwork, Global Villainous Pact.

    The whole deck really just churns around Aquaman/Zatanna/Cyborg/Teamwork. Flash is there to speed past walls when used in conjunction with Teamwork. Batman can ease the pain of ping. Martian Manhunter/Green Lantern are flex spots to keep theme. Just about anything could realistcally replace them. I've toyed with the idea of dropping Green Lantern for Constanine - Hellblazer but it clogs up the early purchasing although I guess you could do turn 2 purchase with Zatanna neglecting the Villainous Pact Global.

    Any suggestions would be welcome. I know I am lacking on removal and control elements and really have a few slots that can be adjusted pretty easily. Thank you in advance for your review.

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    That looks like a lot of fun! I'd like to hear how it goes. I'll need more cards/dice, but I'd really like to play with that team!

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    Played a handful of games with my fiance the other night and I like how this runs.

    First thing that I need to say is that turn 1 villainous pact is incredible. Forcing a turn 2 dice bag refill felt amazing. I never pulled an Aquaman from the refill in the few games that we played but I can really see how this global can make a huge impact on the game. Almost every game was turn 1 aquaman, villainous pact. Turn 2 zatanna, villainous pact. turn 3 field aquaman (usually) and/or zatanna, buy cyborg, villainous pact global. I Was swinging with an 8/6 cyborg most games by turn 4-5 either clearing the field of her hitters or hitting for 8+ (Anger issues across the board).

    I went The Flash route one game because she opted for a very early Joker purchase and field naming Cyborg after I swung in for 8 forcing me to switch gears. Flash/Teamwork did remarkably well.

    I never had a need or desire to purchase WW, GL, Batman or MM as the four mentioned above where more than enough to clog the board and swing for wins.

    Now the question is what to replace them with. I am thinking adding in the UC Firestorm is a pretty good idea dropping Wonder Woman since between Zatanna and Villainous Pact ramp/cost fixing was never remotely an issue. Switching to Bruce Wayne Batman might work too, cheap Teamworks sound pretty nice.

    So that leaves two slots open for answers. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I would think about dropping MM for Green Arrow: Former Mayor.
    The spot removal provided is pretty good to push down that big defender - (2/4/6) damage. Unfortunately, he is JSA not JL.

    For the same cost you can add some containment in and replace MM with Deadman: Possessive Talents, for that removal as well.
    Just remember that cannot attack or block is not equivalent to out of play. You could set someone's Retaliation up for them, same with characters that gain Experience. But could give you a turn to sneak on by a particularly big defender like a Superman, Jinzo, or any other */7+ characters.

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