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Thread: All Bolts Bleed Team

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    All Bolts Bleed Team

    I'm playing this team tomorrow and would like your opinion on it.

    Cheetah - She does what she does so well, bleeding the opponent for 1 per attack
    Hawkman - Same as Cheetah when he's blocked.
    Human Torch - Bleeds opponent when I field anybody on my team.
    Manticore - Knocks out pesky Sidekicks/1 health characters when opponent tries to field them.
    Red Tornado - Ramp
    Scarlet Witch - With this being all Bolt I need that extra roll to get them.
    Cyclops - Turns all 1 point ability damage to 2.
    Martin Manhunter - Gotta have that Overcrush!

    Power Bolt - It never hurts to have some ping damage on your team.
    Gearing Up - If I don't happen to get a Bolt on a turn this helps with Ramp.

    I purposely designed my team to not use Globals. I'm not giving my opponent anything to work with.

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    I know you are trying to give your opponent nothing to work with, but I highly suggest ice man Too cool for words for this team. His global helps you energy fix to buy everything you could need and actually can ramp previously fielded side kicks for you. He doesn't REALLY help your opponent do much that he probably couldn't already do, and he helps ensure you have enough bolts every turn.

    Another though to consider is Firestorm common. I know 4 cost torch works about the same, but firestorms stats are much better. Perhaps drop manhunter as his overcrush ability doesn't mesh with you direct damage team all that well.

    So, swap SWitch for Iceman, Firestorm for manhunter, go tornado turn 1 unless you hit a sidekick, then get cheetah.
    Turn 2 tornado or cheetah again.
    Turn 3 hawkman or torch, depending on a prepped sidekick or not.
    After this you want to pick up Firestorm first, then cyclops. Finally, with cyclops RT, HT and Firestorm on the field, swing every turn with hawkman and cheetah. You should likely win before this point, but if not you could swing for everything if the math works out.

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    I thought about using Iceman and Firestorm, but I felt I needed to keep my team costs low with Bolt characters having poor Ramp boost in general outside of Red Tornado.

    One thing I might do is swap Manhunter for Iceman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonVile View Post
    Scarlet Witch - With this being all Bolt I need that extra roll to get them.
    As suggested swapping out the Scarlet Witch for Iceman mean that you are only using one slot for the purposes of fixing your energy, and Iceman doesn't need to be fielded or ever purchased. Swapping him in for Manhunter is a potential wasted slot because having Witch have you roll again just to turn them into bolts.....

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    Pick Your Battles is a good BAC die for when you decide to swing, and works with the Hawkman Cheetah onslaught.

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    If you're going for a theme - AWESOME! Very cool! However, the main issue is that by going mono-energy, you have nothing to buy if you don't get the right energy. It's possible that you get zero bolts on T1 and maybe even T2 and now you have zero ramp on consecutive turns.

    Also, just off the top of my head, I'd say that I see people get beat with Power Bolts that they bring as often as I see them get good use out of it.

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    The team worked great with me going 3-0. As expected the team starts off pretty slow, but by mid-game all the pieces came together to pull off wins. I didn't really have any problems getting bolts or fielding Human Torch except 1-2 times. I really learned to see how great Red Tornado is, the challenge is to when to use it correctly, which is when you only pull 3 Sidekick dice and a character. The Cheetah/Hawkman double team attack combo worked great and the Human Torch and Cyclops being active to field and then attack with Cheetah and Hawkman pulled my fat out of the fire when I was close to losing my games.

    As for my best game it was the last one. My opponent also had the same Cheetah, so I had to take my time and wait for the right moment to attack not attacking with my 2 Cheetahs. We pretty much walled up with him repeatedly attacking until he got me down to 6 health. At that point I did this great roll of just s and s with him having 4 Sidekicks and the Casualties card. I gambled and attacked him and he used all his Sidekicks, which allowed me to use all my reserve energy to heal 4 life to get me to 10. The tide finally turned in my favor when got Cyclops out. With his +1D for character bonus I was able to widdle his fielded team down to nothing from his constant attacks while mine stayed on defense. I couldn't buy anybody to build up forces because I had to always rebuild my defense. On the last turn all he had left was Deathstroke, who I could never KO because of regen, and Phoenix, who was at Level 2 with a 7A and 7D. I had Martian Manhunter and Human Torch active and was able to roll 3 Sidekicks along with 2 Cheetahs, a Cyclops (they were in Prep along with 2 Sidekicks. I fielded Cyclops first and then followed with both Cheetahs for him to take 4 damage from HT and Cyclops' ablilties and decided to attack with everybody doing close to 20 damage. In the end I had like 4 life left, so healing off that his Global from Casualties was the game saver.

    As for the team as a whole they worked great. As expected Scarlet Witch and Martian Manhunter weren't a factor, so using Iceman also wasn't a plus with his Global. I needed every Sidekick I got for defense and if I turned them into energy at any time would have been I major mistake. Yes, I know I could have used Firestorm, but I prefer Human Torch, because I know I can buy him at any time. If I was going to play this type of team at sanctioned tournaments I'd use both together. Having HT, FS and CY active to cause 5 damage for just fielding a character like Cheetah is insane!

    I thought about using Pick Your Battles, but with my opponent able to use it too it would have killed me because I'd have no defense and he'd plow through me with ease with everybody who wasn't .

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    Thanx! I'm going to test this version next:

    The reason for Ghost Rider is that I noticed during the mid game it was tough for me to buy any characters to rebuild up my forces on the field. I had left over energy I couldn't do anything with and he'll help with s.

    We all know what Mister Sinister: Nasty Boy does. I know I stated earlier I didn't want Globals on my team. Well, I had to make the exception here because it in no way helps my opponent outside of him having Black Manta: DSD. If I use Sinister's Global Cheetah gets sacrificed and my opponent take at least 1 damage. If my opponent uses it, I sacrifice Cheetah and my opponent takes at least 1 damage.

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    Take out Power Bolt and switch it for Magic Missile. It does the same thing as Power Bolt, you get a global to ping Side kicks.
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    I know this is a bolts team but I would like to suggest if you have it, Hellblazer. Only becausde it would slow your opponent down just a little, and allow for just a little more control. Just a suggestion.

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