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Thread: Ramp: Is PXG Enough?

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    Ramp: Is PXG Enough?

    I was in a discussion earlier today about how ramp fits into a modern Flying Sidekicks team.

    The question was: Is Professor X - Trainer enough to fuel a Flying Sidekick team with expensive characters like Captain America - Sentinel of Liberty in the mix, or should you take 1 or 2 more slots to make room for alternative ramp like Swarm, BEWD, Resurrection, or Save Civilians?

    I was of the opinion that I'd rather have the extra ramp rather than another sidekick buffer like Stargirl, but there was definite disagreement. As such, I want to hear what you all have to say on the matter. Flying sidekicks is a classic team that can be assembled for cheap. Should we stick to the simple flock of buffs with Zatanna or Scarlet Witch guided by Professor X's energetic cunning, or should we bring some more ramp to the table? Is it worth the slots and energy to boost your energy reserves and churn, or should you focus on building up early and striking quickly?

    I don't claim to have the answers, so now it's time to poll the audience. How do you see this quandary working out?

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    With judicious use of PXG, it's not uncommon for every die that is not fielded to be rolled every turn. I'm not sure what additional ramp is needed. Personally, I would like less ramp in order to slow the game down a little bit. I like Uncle Red Tornado, or Villainous Pact. THOSE speed things up just enough without them getting ridiculous.

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    Uncle Red Tornado sounds great. I don't care if you meant Uncommon. Uncle Red Tornado is now a thing.

    As for extra ramp, you want to be careful that you don't bring too many pieces that do the same thing. Redundancies and so forth.

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    I like using the Resurrection global right after I make a big purchase with an empty bag.

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    Uncle Red Tornado might be my new favorite DC superhero.

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    I like swarm. I hope we see more cheap swarm characters in future sets.

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    I honestly think PXG might even be the wrong ramp for Flying Sidekicks. Most of the sidekick auto fielders like Angel and Namor require sidekicks to be in you used pile on your turn. With good PXG use, that is usually never the case.

    Red Tornado might be a better tool for ramp, or even just Wonder Woman. Add in some die keeping devices live resurrection and Villainous pact and you can still increase the number of dice you are rolling. It would be a fine balancing act, but something to definitely think about.

    Actually, Wonder Woman and Swarm with an UC GLantern finisher might be a great deck design. WW thins out your side kicks, swarm keeps your ramp up and then you swing with an army of 3/1s with GL.

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    I would say it depends on what you're doing. It's definitely the big hitter for ramp, but not the only one. Sometimes Swarm, Blue Eyes, Red Dragon, Thousand Dragon, etc. will be more appropriate either in addition to PXG or perhaps on their own depending on your format.

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    I would personally love to get rid of PXG

    games would be a little slower at first, until people started to rebuild their teams to go faster and it would even out

    I just think it gives more variety of teams competitiveness

    I'll play people that put PXG as their number one priority and it's just kind of less fun not being able to play with as many of your superheroes

    one man's opinion

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