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Thread: Your Theme Team - Who is on it?

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    Your Theme Team - Who is on it?

    After the leaks for Age of Ultron, we now have six sets for Dice Masters. Tons-o-characters, tons-o-dice. My question is, who is on YOUR theme team?

    I'm not sure what I would call mine yet, but it's pretty clear for me as to who is going to be on that team.

    (LEADER) Mr. Fantastic - Brilliant Scientist
    Falcon - Samuel Wilson
    Namor - Sub-Mariner
    Black Panther - Wakanda Chief
    Giant Man - Pym Particles
    Wasp - Founding Avenger
    Groot - We Are Groot
    Professor X - Trainer
    & Venom - Eddie Brock

    Most of my all-time favourites. How about you?

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    Because of how they will interact in the game or because they are your favorite characters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacBV View Post
    Because of how they will interact in the game or because they are your favorite characters?
    Little of column A, little of column B. Whatever works for you!

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    I don't know which versions of the cards I want to use yet, but I want to do a Gotham City based team. The members would be:

    Harley Quinn
    Black Canary

    Now for the last spot I COULD use Solomon Grundy, since I think he's the only other one from Gotham in the set, but....I think I'd rather use Zatana. I don't the she herself is from Gotham, but I know that her father was. And I'm sure she's at least spent some time there since she has some sort of relationship with Batman.

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    umm this word theme, you use it, but I am not sure you quite know what it means

    theme would be all JL, or JSA, or villains, or X-men, or even scientists or rulers or something

    cards which work well together I wouldn't really call theme... I dunno, it's a finnicky point but I still like to think of a theme team as being all Justice League or something like that

    theme is not about working well together, that's meta, and favorite wouldn't really be a theme so much as in the loosest terms

    I'm thinking you just mean what is someone's favorite team in general?

    I'm still trying to work on that :-/

    but it will have Beast-Nefarious Geneticist, I just need more 2 cost villains to come out to make him worthwhile, because right now if I want to use Black Manta's retaliation, I can't if I also want a 2 cost villain.

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    My theme team? No capes involved. I came into the game right as D&D was releasing and I've never had a real penchant for superheroes. While I do enjoy the comic sets, D&D has always been my favorite, not only because of its rich interactions and synergies, but also for its theme itself.

    Because of that, I have a very specific team setup that I think works on multiple levels:

    This is designed around the idea of the Zhentarim being an elite and well armed fighting force in service of a more sinister power. The Mind Flayer is the master of this evil syndicate and commands an army of Half-Orcs and Elven Wizards. His Wererat shaman is able to invigorate and warp those in his ministrations, augmenting . However, the prize of this consortium is the Red Dragon that the Mind Flayer has brought under its sway. Worshiped by a brood of Kobolds, the Red Dragon is difficult to rouse, but strikes fear into its foes when brought to bear.

    It's a lot of fluff storytelling that masks a very powerful core. If your opponent has any good characters whatsoever, your Kobolds and Half-Orcs will be much stronger, to the point where they won't need much defense while the Wererat is alive. The Magic Helmets and Swords can be easily bought up using either the Red Dragon global or the Elf Wizard fielding bonus and will make your key units difficult to remove and give you a very offensive edge.

    I'll be featuring this team on my blog later this week because of how much I enjoy it. I've been a fan of Gear since my first introduction to the game and this is one of the more powerful setups for it.

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