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Thread: Lightning Fast

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    Lightning Fast

    So, 2-3 days ago I made this team after I got my DC set last week. I've played with it a couple of times now and couldn't help but notice how insanely fast I won those games. Mind you, I usually play the more control type teams

    The Team:

    The idea is:
    Turn 1: Human Torch + 2x ramp(pxg or resurrect, 1x ramp is fine)
    Turn 2: Cheetah + 2/3x ramp
    Turn 3: Firestorm + 3x ramp -> field Cheetah
    Turn 4: Cyclops + 3x ramp -> field Firestorm

    After this you just buy one or two more Cheetah or a Hawkman or a Gobby, whichever one you are able to, with preference on Cheetah of course. Between Turn 5 and Turn 8 the game is over, unless you just don't roll your characters(which, in a dice game, is always the possibility).

    The only two cards I'm not entirely set on yet are the Blue Dragon and the Anger Issues Basic Action, which I basically just use for its global to have some way to always dump some energy somewhere.

    What do you guys think of this team?


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    It's a fun thematic team, no doubt, and when it gets its energy, it's pretty devastating. My concern, similar to this thread, is that you have nothing to buy if you don't have the right energy. If you have no bolts on T1 or T2, which is possible, you lose your opportunity to do anything early. Even having no bolts on T1 makes things exceedingly difficult. Having Resurrection helps if you're stuck that way, but I do think it's a concern.

    It's an extremely fun team to play and I've been messing with similar things myself.

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    You could slot in Iceman Too Cool for Words instead of the Blue Dragon to use his global to help fix the bolt issues as you progress I turns but @Dave points out that really big issue of rolling nothing you can utilize...

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    If Firestorm or Green Goblin is the intended win condition I would suggest including Blue-Eyes White Dragon as a replacement for Blue Dragon. The Global..."Pay [] and knock out one of your monsters to reduce the cost of the next die you buy by 2 energy."...will assist you in getting the desired characters into the Prep Area in order to be fielded again.

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    Swap Blue Dragon for Ice man too cool for words and Anger issues for Horn of the Unicorn or invulnerability. Go all in on Dec bolts, trust Bobby to fix your energy for you and if you get a horrible first turn, buy invulnerability.

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    The three times in a row he beat me I don't think he bought a Gobby even once, he was winning (partly because my all villain deck had no 2 costs and I rolled kinda bad, but it was a definitely crappier deck and he's been outplaying me hard anyway) because of Cheetah attacking, and then fielding peeps once Firestorm and then especially Cyclops are out.

    I finally beat him when I played my super rares barely cohesively thrown together jerk team, being able to stave him off with Constantine, and forcing him to not attack to spin down and block my Tsarinas. I still only won with 5 life left, because I was just lucky enough to name the right character each turn and started off buying 4 Tsarinas, totally throwing him off guard and having to keep blockers that spun down - also rolling terribly himself. I think if he'd rolled 10% better the game would've been his still, lol.

    But I am certainly no measure for competitive play, I tell you what.

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    I think an Invulnerability would definitely help out a turn 1 going bad. Regarding replacing Blue Dragon, I don't really think he needs to be replaced now looking back. He fills in a nice gap as board clear. Field him deal 3, attack and breath weapon dealing another 4 damage to everything in the field and the opponent. That's with just 1 die. He's extra anyways.
    The only real problem I think the team got is that you can't really deviate in terms of win condition. There is just nothing else built in for that, but I like it

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