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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow DC Draft Episode 8 Nothing

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    Now THAT is a brutal draft. Remind me not to draw those boosters.

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    There's a big part of me deep down that insists I go for the longshot control strategy with Vibe and Shazam! from the first pack into a Justice League team using Aquaman from pack 2. There's not a lot of spinning in DC, but you just so happened to get the two cards that can make it work and you know no one is going to take your Shazam! unless they're forced to, so you are guaranteed to draft both of them.

    That combo inspired me...

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    Yeah, I kinda was interested in the Harley, lex, dead man control that these packs offered, but really the best choice is Aquaman, because those cards will likely wheel and you will have a better look at your options by then.

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    Stargirl, Katana, Black Manta would probably be what I would lean towards in pack 1. And possibly just go for a cheap non synergistic aggro rush. With the option to grab JL guys from the fitst round knowing common Aquaman is waiting in pack 2.

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