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Thread: Advice for Aussie entering Marvel only tournament

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    Advice for Aussie entering Marvel only tournament

    Hey TRP Gang,

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've only been playing this game for about 3 weeks and have limited access to different sets in my local area. I'm entering my first constructed tournament on the weekend, a Marvel only tournament. I've only had access to AvX packs, and thus my team is 100% comprised from this set.

    I'm currently running the following as my team:
    Black Widow - Tsarina
    Green Goblin - Gobby
    Mr Fantastic - Brilliant Scientist
    Jeannie - Redd
    Beast - Mutate #666
    Hulk - Green Goliath
    Silver Surfer - Sentinel
    Storm - Wind Rider

    Basic Actions - Distraction and Power Bolt.

    Given that I've got zero experience against the Uncanny X-Men set/meta, is there any possible tweaks or things to be wary of going up against people running cards from this set? I'm mainly just here to have some fun, but I'm also a rather competitive individual so I'd love to have a good showing at this event!



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    If you do nothing but this, be aware of PXG (Professor X: Recruiting Young Mutants) and how to use it properly.

    The WizKids Rules forum thread regarding this Global is here:

    Ask any further questions about the PXG mechanic if necessary.

    Regarding other Uncanny X-Men characters, if your are so inclined here is a full breakdown of the set from Dice Anon:

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    Thanks for the resources, fun4willis! I'll make sure to browse the set breakdown as to not be caught by surprise when a cheeky new global pops up.

    I've heard that Professor X completely shifts the metagame. Would you suggest that I modify my team to try and counter cards from the Uncanny X-Men set, or rather play my own team and try to utilise the PXG that my opponent will likely bring to the table? That being said I don't think I will be used to rolling so many dice! The ramp I use costs 2 hp and only nets me 1 extra die to my prep area (SSG).

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    From my experience, the PXG global is ultimately detrimental to the player that is the weakest in it's use. You are potentially at an advantage if you can use your opponent's global(s) against them and bring your own eight characters to the table.

    In the moment, the only direct counter I can think of to bring is:

    This will counter a Flying Sidekick team by preventing them from fielding sidekicks.

    I'd say overall your team is more aggro then control. Any more changes in order to counter would be blurring those lines.

    Assuming you are solely pulling from AvX, I might think about replacing Phoenix: Redd with:

    Cyclops has less dependencies then Phoenix to activate the card text ability and you already have the same "must attack" global with Mr. Fantastic.

    I would highly suggest you make room for:

    Human Torch is an excellent accessory to Hulk in order to ping him for board wipe. In addition, this adds a four cost character which smooths out the current purchase cost curve.

    Finally, here are some common teams to be aware of if you are not already familiar with their names:

    Good luck!!

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    Thanks again man.

    I don't have access to the Venom Rare, but the Cyclops Uncommon actually looks really strong. I like the idea of incorporating Human Storm in place of Jeannie - Redd just for another hulk activator and more direct damage. I'll post back results after the tourney on Sunday

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    I would recommend swapping Johnny Storm in for Silver Surfer, rather than Phoenix.

    Your main source of ramp in that team is not Surfer, it's Beast, and having both Mr Fantastic and Phoenix makes that ramp far more reliable and consistent.

    Simply force your opponent to attack with at least 1 character every turn and multi-block with Beast.

    But, as fun4willis states, the most important UXM card to be aware of is Professor X. That global completely changed the game, and you will see it a lot. So, understand it, and get a good handle on how to use it effectively.

    Over on the DiceAnon site they have a couple of great articles you should look up, but in a nutshell, you should always, every turn, keep back between 2 and 4 masks so that you can move from 4 to 8 sidekicks across from Used in to Prep, on your opponents turn. Ideally with the last 1 or 2 masks coming from a character die (ie, a Beast or a Mr Fantastic die).

    Practice, between now and the tournament, using the Professor X global, with varying numbers of Sidekicks fielded, and with and without your Beasts in play (and the additional ramp you get from them).

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    Thanks for the pointers, Scorpion. The only reason I was kind of leaning towards keeping Silver Surfer in the team was the fact that he can act as a desperate activator for Hulk. I imagine I am going to have to play the game way different;y now. In AvX meta, I usually don't even need to get much other than Gobby + 1 out to force people to break ramp and stop my Gobby from attacking. However, given the fact that I could see a Hulk on the field at Turn 3, I may need to adjust how I approach the initial stages of the game.

    Also, is there such a thing as 'faking' or 'mindgaming' in DM? Say I grab a Gobby T1, my opponents T1 is heavy ramp into Hulk, which I anticipate and grab something like a Storm - Wind Rider as a counter play, not even intending to go for a Gobby strat in the first place? Is it wise to bait reactions like this?

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    Hey guys,

    I played in the tournament today and I'm thrilled to say that I was successful!

    I posted a thread in the Winning Tourney decks section on the forums

    Thank you for the tips and advice!

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    Hey, congratulations! Make sure you keep posting, and learning more!

    Thanks for using Mr. Fantastic too. One of my favourites.

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    Thanks, RJ! It's been such a fun ride so far, learning more and more everyday! It was great being the go to guy on the day for tips and current events/rulings in Dice Masters.

    No probs hehe, Mr. Fantastic for the win

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