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Thread: Polymorph and Constantine

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    Polymorph and Constantine

    Alright, let's look at Constantine: Hellblazer


    Polymorph Basic Action

    If your opponent played Constantine's ability and called a name of a character, and then you polymorphed in that named character, does this void Constantine's ability since Polymorph says "This does not trigger 'when fielded' effects". Does polymorph count as fielding? If it does then Constantine'ability stays, but if it doesn't count as fielding, wouldn't that be a way around that ability?

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    Yes, Polymorph does not constitute fielding and therefore is a way around Constantine.

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    Just like they said, Polymorph is not considered fielding so it does not trigger Constantine's effect. However, if you Polymorph in a character and then field a second copy of that character, both of them lose their text and cannot attack since Constantine affects the character, not specific dice.

    If you're not looking for specifically level 1 characters or are worries about your opponent using your Polymorph as removal against you, consider bringing instead. It still allows you to get a character out without fielding it, but it also allows you to get it at level 2 or 3 instead of only level 1. It also can't be used against you since its effect can only target its owners characters.

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    Thanks everyone! I had the same thoughts as you guys but I wanted to make sure that I was correct. I do like that BA card @Necromanticer . Might have to see if I can find it! Thanks again!

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    It seems like it has some uses, but is still fairly limited. Constantine's biggest strength, in my opinion, is the ability to shut down "when fielded" effect. Polymorph still doesn't stop Constantine from doing that.

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