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Thread: Heroes and Tools deck

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    Heroes and Tools deck

    So, I have to take some liberty here to get this team off the ground but I am thinking about running a heroes/tools deck for fun. Here's what I'm thinking:

    Falcon (4 dice)- Recon: to make the sidekicks unblockable and affordable early
    Captain America (3)- Follow Me: to boost the number of characters I can field
    Vibranium Shield (1)- One of a Kind: give a defensive boost

    Batman (2)- Bruce Wayne- get some basic action dice going both for the ability and the generic energy
    Batarang (3)- Instrument of Distraction- aid in the direct damage hunt

    Professor X (2)- Trainer: for the global and the boosting of sidekicks to match Falcon
    Psylocke (3)- Kwannon the Assassin: cheap early buys, defensive
    Cerebro (2)- Mutant Hunter: This should help get some of my sidekick boosters going (or a Cappy to keep me fielding)


    I originally wanted to go with a truer combo Cappy-Shield, Thor-Mjolinir, Batman-Batarang and Green Lantern-Power Ring but it would be REALLY tough to get that group fielded at all. I think with these, there is a possibility. Admittedly, I'm taking some liberties popping Falcon in but given that he becomes a Captain America I can excused it (PLUS it gives me somebody that I can afford to field early) and using Psylocke even though she only has experienced Cerebro once.

    So who or what am I missing that could tighten this team up? It's not a great team, but more of a novelty that I would enjoy using a couple times.

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    I understand that it's a Heroes and tools deck, but maybe something like this?

    Drop cap and the sidekick theme and run with Cerebro for stall, Bats for Limited wish ramp and then go straight into Limited wishing for everything. PXG keeps your bag clean and limited with plus red dragon allows you to buy many things. Get Thor on the board and Overcrush him. Swing for TONS OF DAMAGE. Get Mjolnir out and clear all those characters you didn't need anyway. Rinse and repeat. Definitely not fast or unbeatable, but just enough control to slow our opponent down while ramping to your wins. Then you're looking at 3-4 big dice on the board holding off your opponent's team, right before they just win the game from value.

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    So weird, I was working on a Thor overcrush team this morning.

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