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Thread: Article: Amazing Spider-Man Dice Masters Predictions

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    Rhino would be a total Overcrush candidate. I would love to see a Mysterio with control elements, but above all with ? energy. How crazy would that be?

    I could see some new/old characters, like Venom and Doc Ock.

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    With Zombie Electro, I'd say a normal Electro would be a 10/10.

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    I second Mysterio...he would have some awesome control abilities. A new version of Doc Ock would also be a good thing. Vulture is also probably a good candidate.

    Spidey and Wolverine have teamed up a few times...I wouldn't be surprised if we see another version of Wolvie as the token classic Xman in the set.

    ...and Carnage is a must...I think Randy may be aluding to it, but anyone else remember the classic Maximum Carnage Sega Genisis game? That was epic. The hidden easter egg of Spidey Bowling was a lot of fun.

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    I resound with everyone else about carnage as a must.
    My others are..
    Fire star Yup that is right the old spiderman and his amazing friends fire star would be sweet.

    and my favorite Rhino

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    I would also like to see Mysterio. He could have some neat powers. I wouldn't mind another doc ock or sandman either. Maybe they'll throw in firestar from the old cartoon days.

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    What I hope they do is mix the set with Daredevil, since a good amount of his and Spider-man's villains overlap. We could then get characters like:

    Black Tarantula
    The Hand (ninjas)
    El Jaguar (Hydra)
    Silvermane (rival mob boss of Kingpin)
    Typhoid Mary

    Then there's:

    Spider-Woman 2-5
    Spider-Girl (MC2 universe)
    Spider-Gwen (Earth-65)

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    Respect for your bold Super Rare prediction of Spider-Man 2099. I'm going to say that Kingpin is another.

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    If I was going to bet, Electro and Elektra would almost have to be in the ASM set. Gladiator might be another solid pick. Sandman, Kingpin, and Rhino would all be awesome to see.

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    July: Age of Ultron
    August: War of Light
    November: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Their release schedule is ridiculous, no wonder their rules text is half-baked.

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    Got to haves:

    Spider-Man 2099
    Venom (McFarlene art would be awesome)
    Black suit
    Doc Ock Spider-Man

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