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Thread: Dave v. Lauren, AVX Sealed, 5/29 @ 7:30 PM on Twitch

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    Dave v. Lauren, AVX Sealed, 5/29 @ 7:30 PM on Twitch

    We'll get it on YouTube afterward.

    EDIT: Eastern Standard Time.

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    Awww I missed it! I got to play a 2v2 match this evening though, and test out some super tech that I might be revealing in a future TPA episode.

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    5/29, this Friday. You missed nothing. Though we each have a clutch card or two in our sealed pools so it'll be an interesting game.

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    thanks Dave i was confused looking at my computer. @Shadowmeld what's it like in the future?

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    Ummm.. sorry, I'm used to these being last minute announcements. OK! Looking forward to this then!

    @Vapedaveb Well, I do know somethings about the future.... like what it's like to build a deck so evil you have to seal it away for all eternity. You'll probably hear about that in two weeks.

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    NAH... it'd be a tease if I told you that it has successfully won a tourney, and then was locked away because it took an entire store's soul with it. They don't play dice masters there anymore... it's a dice desert. like a ghost town with only the shuffle of cards and no clitter clatter of six sided glory.

    This deck is so evil that even Doctor Doom refused to be on it.

    This deck is so evil that people who play against it end up getting a pair common Vixens in their next foil pack.

    This deck is so evil that Wiz Kids had to add an alignment mechanic to the game just to remind you how evil this deck can be. (no this isn't an evil alignment deck, but there might be an evil character on it)

    This deck is so evil that it corrupted every thing good that it touches, from holy warriors to super heroes.

    This deck is so evil that it even the Legion of Doom refuse to field against it.

    This deck is so evil that I have 6 reasons why it's evil. That's right, 6.

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    @Shadowmeld , I am so proud of you. That is what Nefarious Geneticists are supposed to create. I am guess you are taking said evil to Worlds. Hopefully they Livestream it. I will root for the onslaught and carnage you deliver to your opponents. But if you loose I will rename the deck, the Team of Pretty Pretty Ponies. Just sayin

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    Nah, no worlds for me this year. I don't think this deck of which i speak is headed there, It's not competitive enough, unless you're trying to win a competition of "Who's the most sadistic?" I'll probably showcase it on the podcast in two weeks. Which is one reason I'm keeping it under-wraps. But my posts are like trash heaps tonight. Full of Spoiled things. :P

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    Posted a topic with this question: " @Dave , I guess. Not sure where to put this but I would like to watch the game on Twitch, but in which time zone is the game. For me it read 7:30 pm but I live in a different time zone than you guys "

    Before I found this thread

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    I caught glimpses as i was driving home and eating dinner, how did it turn out? Who won?

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    I did. She couldn't get past the Green Goliath.

    The stream went fine except for a glitch in the middle, but most disappointing was the HUGE audio syncing issue with the recorded video that Twitch stores. It's unusable.

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