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Thread: FF and X-men in dice masters

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    I don't think X-Men is going anywhere. Beast in the upcoming Age of Ultron set has X-Men affiliation. Wizkids just released an X-men board game. They're still releasing X-Men content in the Marvel Heroes video game on PC. We just had AVX and UXM, which were X-Men focused. The probabaly don't want to over saturate the game with X-Men. After AOU, we probably will get a drop in Avengers characters for a while. Until they stop making X-Men comics, I wouldn't worry. Now, as for Fantastic Four, I think we'll still get Sue, but don't bet on a FF themed set any time soon. Maybe they'll sneak in some Future Foundation into the Amazing Spider-Man set.

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    Since they already pulled Sue Storm, I don't think we'll be seeing her anytime soon. At least not until film rights get straightened out.

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    Yes. If they were just pulling merch, that'd be one thing. But to be actively writing the FF out of things and to NOT include them on the cover of Marvel 75th Anniversary is quite telling.

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    I bet that Wizkids wont be able to turn up the movie tie in publicity potential. Next year i think we are almost guaranteed to get a Batman vs Superman set...followed by an Xmen: Apocolypse set.

    As much fun as it is to talk about and speculate...I dont think Disney will make any true concerted efforts to not support Xmen. They are too valuable a franchise to ignore, and just becuae they dont have the current movie right, they gotta come back around to Disney sooner or later, and in the meantime, Disney can capitalize on all the non-movie related stuff.

    Fantastic Four is a bit different...thier movies have not been nearly as popular and they have a much more "dated" feel. Snuffing them out won't be a huge loss long term...unlike the Xmen.

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    For those that say Disney isn't out to kill X-Men haven't been keeping up with what they've been doing.

    - Wolverine is dead.
    - All X-Men comics were cancelled until fans complained and Disney relented. Now there is only like 4-6 X-Men based books coming out.
    - Mutants don't exist anymore. They've been reclassified as Inhumans.

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    Food for thought - only a few months after Hugh Jackman said he'd like to play Wolverine until he dies, he announces that Wolverine 3 will be the last time he plays the role.

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    don't forget that quicksilver and scarlet witch have been revealed as not the children of magneto, i think their powers were created by the high evolutionary or something (along with a never before revealed for 50 years sister). so they aren't mutants anymore, just like the mcu movies.

    i wonder if prof x ever found them using cerebro in the know, since that thing only finds mutants...

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    I've stopped putting more than the effort to sit at home and stream the movie from a private website in thinking about the MCU.

    Avengers 2 was embarrassing how bad it was - especially considering I dragged friends who were questioning my insistence but acquiesced out of trusting my taste, normally.

    I won't be able to live that one down for at least a year, we all took turns sleeping, having more than one time where we were all nodding off simultaneously - and we were wide awake going in - not drinking or anything.

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    I'm not giving up hope on more Fantastic Four in Dice Masters. Dr. Doom is getting released in Marvel Heroes next week, so it's not a total FF blackout across all forms of media.

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    Yeah, gotta keep the faith. I assume clear heads will prevail, and things will correct themselves. Nothing is forever in comics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapsterMcFlash View Post
    Avengers 2 was embarrassing how bad it was.
    Just how bad was it?

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