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Thread: Dice Masters Worlds Coverage

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    Dice Masters Worlds Coverage

    Other then the official WizKids Event System page has anyone seen any more information about Worlds? For those of us not attending, I'd like to know where I can follow along.

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    I have not seen anything yet. I will be happy to post whenever I get a chance though!

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    I am hoping that they will be doing the same thing as nationals and have CLASH Tournaments live casting it. But they do not have anything posted.

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    I'll try to live blog my experiences as much as possible. We have other ideas for keeping things going but we'll have to see how time falls on our side.

    I also plan to attend the live Dice Tower recording on Saturday at 9. Super excited to see Tom live!!!

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    @Dave it sounds like our schedules as nearly the same you aren't doing a splendor, King of NY and Agricola tournament also are you? Because then it would be!

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    During Nationals WizKids posted game play videos and photos on their Facebook. They have a YouTube channel as well. I don't think the videos were live but they went up pretty quick.

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    An email went out today from Wizkids. There will be live coverage on their Twitch channel June 4th-6th.

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    WizKids Update for May 28, 2015!:

    WATCH IT LIVE June 4-6! WizKids World Championships Next Week At Origins Game Fair!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Origins Game Fair starts on June 3rd, and the WizKids team will be there hosting our World Championships. Top HeroClix, Dice Masters and Attack Wing players from around the world will be at Origins, battling for supremacy in their specific games. Head over to the official WizKids World Championship Site for the event schedule and more information.

    Visit us at the Origins Game Fair in Tournament Area- D 600!

    If you can't make it, follow our new Twitch page and watch live June 4-6 here:

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    We knew there would be Twitch coverage, but the question is, which games?

    HeroClix community flipped when Dice Masters got so much love for Nationals, while Canadian watchers were bummed that DM got nothing, while HeroClix got everything.

    I personally hope to see a balance. (Although more DM would make ME happy...)

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    2015 Canadian and 2016 US National Champion

    Akron, OH
    Blog Entries
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like DM is young to get some love. Haven't had a chance to check the stream yet though.

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    So far the coverage is going great. Apparently there is still a solid AvX meta, though apparently there is a kobold dragon team running around causing chaos.

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    Some of the teams in this qualifier are mind bogglingly bad. Like, what is Shawn B's team even?

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    sounds like the dice bags for War of Light will be printed with artwork.

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    The tyvek bags? That must be what Jimmy was teasing on the nationals stream.

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    Trying to figure out if DM qualifier is over yet. Was hoping they would announce qualifiers and have a wrap up of round 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    The tyvek bags? That must be what Jimmy was teasing on the nationals stream.
    Yes the tyvek bags. Jimmy showed them on the stream today but I wasn't able to grab an screen shot. They will still by the same tyvek material, but printed with Lanternized heroes. It looked as if there were two different styles of bags.

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    Can't wait to get there. I'm stuck in a useless seminar before I can leave.

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    Man... the stream is a little laggy. I might just have to watch the matches later today after they are posted online

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    Stream is running fine for me, I'm watching on my iphone over wifi.

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    I've tried my phone, desktop, wifi, and data... no luck.

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    Stream has been up and down. Mostly up.

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    Can anyone comment how Rainbow Drafts are working? Is there a signup sheet or something to that effect? What sets are being used?

    I saw on an earlier post about Gen Con, Rainbow Draft tickets were required.

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    All events at Gencon require tickets. I have no idea about how Origins works.

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    Rainbow drafts: they are doing UXM and DC once they have a group of 4 they fire one off. You must be registered for it.

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