We had an unlimited constructed event during our regular Dice Masters gathering. This week I decided to try a more controlish team. It went 3-0.

First round I played Ben who was using an all team. Once it's up and running it's capable of doing a lot of damage quickly!
He didn't have Prof X but he was using mine. Still, he purchased three Gearing Up pretty quickly. Knowing he'd have those Actions cycling through his bag I went for an early Jinzo. He had Red-Eyes B. Dragon active for a couple turns allowing him to stock up on his characters, despite Jinzo hurting his ramp. I used the Puzzle to take down Red-Eyes. Firestorm showed up and was threatening a lot of damage to me the following turn. I was able to clear him out of the way with Puzzle, purchase and Polymorph a 2nd Tsarina into play and rush in for the KO.

Second round I played Forest using a Machine Gun team. He had both Power Bolt, Magic Missile and everything you can imagine that will do direct damage. He won the roll and got to go first so I knew I was in trouble. He opened by poking me with Red Dragon and Human Torch globals while purchasing his Action dice. I grabbed Polymorph and Tsarina. On his third turn he got me down to 11, potentially threatening lethal on turn 4. It was risky but I took a burn with ramp to ensure that I could purchase and "Poly" Jinzo into play on my third turn. He paid some life to Jinzo to keep up ramp and went for Doctor Strange. That afforded me the opening I needed to KO him with Tsarinas and Jinzo.

Third round I played Rob with a nasty Villain team. I won the roll and got to go first. He opened with Black Manta but before he was fielded Tsarina already had him down to 15. After that he got a pair of Cheetah and Joker (naming Tsarina). I purchased and Poly'd Hulk into play. On his turn my Hulk cleared his board. I was able to follow up with another Poly'd Hulk to KO him.

My opening two turns usually involves buying Polymorph and one of the two costs. The two cost I purchase varies depending on what I'm up against. Verses rush teams I'll purchase Constantine or Beast, depending on which is more effective against their characters. Verses everything else I buy Tsarina. On turn 3 I'm usually attempting to Polymorph either Jinzo or Hulk into play. After that purchases can vary greatly depending on what the opponent is doing. Polymorph is great for control because it lets me purchase and "field" the die I need to respond to my opponent's buy on their last turn before they get to draw and field their purchase. All of my characters play well with Poly. This time I used Green Goliath because I didn't expect to see many other Hulks. I would have used Jade Giant otherwise.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how the team plays. It holds it's own against everything, but sometimes it's about a turn too slow. It's rare, but sometimes I wish I had a 4 cost. I just haven't found anyone I really like in that slot that works great with Polymorph. I'm open to suggestions if you have any ideas.