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    I just discovered the Go7Gaming box inserts via Watch It Played. Here's an example video showing some of them:

    They seem to be very well executed and I thought I would check their website to see if they have made anything for Dice Masters. The answer is, "no." However, they have a poll up, asking what their next insert should be with 10 options available. One of them is Dice Masters and in the voting DM is currently in second place (14% of the vote), right behind Mice and Mystics (another fine game, at 15% of the vote). Do you think we could rock this vote in our favor? If you want to try, go to the voting page and select Dice Masters!

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    It appears that there may be about 100 votes because with simage's vote, first place now tied at 15% Dice Masters, 15% Mice and Mystics. We can do this!

    EDIT: And it appears someone else just voted for DM. Still 15%/15%, but DM's "bar" is longer. (That means there are more than 100 votes; by the looks of it, lots more than 100 votes). We're now in first place. Keep 'em coming. Let them know you want this product!

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    Yay! It looks like I beat the redditor by about 15 minutes. (Perhaps they read it here? If so, sign in and say, "hi!") Cheers to small satisfactions in life.

    ...and we're beginning to pull away from Mice and Mystics. We're at 16% and our vote bar is noticeably longer.

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    I'm voting Dice Masters but I DOOOOO love Mice & Mystics.

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    Vote! Vote! Vote!

    EDIT: Wow, a whopping 24% now! Go team

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    We are closing in having twice as many votes as second place. 25% vs 13%!

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    I would have voted for Cosmic Encounter had Dice Masters not been on there. CE box needs one bad. I ended up doing a foam core insert for mine.

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    You guys have really responded! The voting results are currently at 12% to 31%!

    Just a bit more (pushing us up to 33% and M&M down to 11%) and we will be 3 times the closest competitor. Plus we would have one-third of all votes out of the 10 options!

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    I also rocked the vote, looking forward to seeing what they will make (yes, I think we will win).

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    Vote closed. We've been declared the winner! (34% DM vs 11% for second place). Full results are here:

    They've opened a new poll:

    Now you guys can go back and vote for the next thing you want. I'm voting Mice and Mystics. Our family loves that game.

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    Going right now to put in my vote! It only helps the long-term viability of this game when more accessories are made specifically for it. That's why I backed Zen Bins too. Not only is it a slick solution for tournament teams, it adds more credibility to the viability of the game too.

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    An admin posted as a comment "Looks like Dice Masters has coordinated an assault on the Vote…"

    The ellipsis makes me think that they're considering the possibility of calling shenanigans, especially given the lack of Dice Masters on the poll when I clicked it, and lack of any other Dice Masters comments after that one (chronologically).

    I just find it very funny that you can click on the "voting page" link in the OP, and it will take you to a list of everything BUT Dice Masters, and if you vote for anything (I just voted Eldrich Horror just as an example), it takes you to a page that shows a currently running poll, without Dice Masters. The only results page showing DIce Masters won is when I found that specific URL.

    I would say that's just because it's the new month's vote, but it literally has everything the exact same, except for Dice Masters up, while the past month had a variety of different, and some same, games listed in the poll, and this month isn't technically up.

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    We have been in discussion with these folks and they are happy that we have showed so much interest. I don't think they plan on calling "shenanigans". Though, I hear that restaurant has an awesome menu.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what they develop. I know if I was looking for motivation from my customers and there was this much of a turn out I'd be psyched, not turned off. More people to buy my product!

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