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Thread: Vassal Module New Ideas Poll

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    Vassal Module New Ideas Poll

    We are looking to develop some new Dice Master modules. Here is a community poll to get everyone's input on what we should work on first.

    Option 1: Develop a "Battle with Tiamat" event like the current Galactus event.

    Option 2: Develop the DM D&D board game as referenced in this post

    Option 3: Develop a Reserve Pool user set of around 25 cards. We will get input on cards for the DC universe, Marvel universe, D&D Realm, Yugiho realm and a miscellaneous card set. Then we will do a poll to determine the top 5 for each set area. We will create cards for those and add them to the next module update.

    Happy voting.

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    Did you ever figure out the rainbow draft?
    That's my vote!!!

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    Rainbow Draft.

    I would prefer to limit the amount of "custom" and house rule kinds of things that are in there.

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    +1 Rainbow Draft Simage. IF you need help let us know. we can do grunt work and database creation if that helps you.

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    Already created a draft module for 6 players and it has the UXM, D&D, AVX and DC sets in it. It is pretty basic for now. Six separate player windows. You can draw multiple card with one swipe. I haven't made it where you cant see each others cards yet, but each player can press a button to hide what they have. Will try to get it posted tomorrow maybe for other to check out.

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    Why six players? Is that the preferred rainbow draft pod? I haven't seen any actual rules for rainbow draft but I should probably look them up since I want to start hosting them....

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