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Thread: Article: TRP Podcast 52: Like A Villain

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    That new theme! Super sexy sound, folks.

    Only about six minutes in (I listen on the way to work) but I am digging the new sound!

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    Nothing wrong with the old theme, but I'm glad you guys are always committed to changing and evolving.

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    Definitely enjoying the new intro theme, mid episode break, ITF in general and each of the segments this episode.

    Looking forward to seeing this level of production get carried on for the rest of the network. And thanks @RJRETRO for all the great advice and technical experience.

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    Hahahaha, you guys totally spoiled the Little Cup format.

    It's true; the format is coming!

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    I love the little cup format. "Common cup" perhaps?

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    if it was Uncommons and Commons I would agree. But simply the "Grey League" sounds kinda drab...

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