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Thread: Imperial Assault!

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    Imperial Assault!

    I know @Evan picked this up back when it released, but I was a late adopter. I actually traded my X-Wing collection to my local shop for a full set up of core, extra dice and all wave 1 models.

    I'm still painting - I'm about 15 models in. I haven't painted for ages and I'm not too hot at it but I enjoy it. I'll post pics if anyone is interested.

    Anybody playing?

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    I'm not playing, but I'd be interested in seeing your work!

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    I got it for my birthday, haven't had time to play it yet though

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    I'm really into Imperial Assault Skirmish. I've played in two semi-local tournaments and placed pretty well. I'll be attending a Regional Tournament late next month. The game is still really new so it's a lot like when Avengers vs. X-Men first came out. A few good builds seem to dominate the meta.

    I'm also working on painting my figures, but it is going really slow since I'm a novice.

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