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Thread: READ FIRST--Trade rules

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    READ FIRST--Trade rules

    The Reserve Pool Trade Rules

    You can use to arrange trades with your fellow players, but it is subject to the following rules:

    1) Liability. The Reserve Pool, the moderators and admins cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from the use of this forum. We do not in any way guarantee transactions. If you are a victim of any activity you feel is illegal, then please report this to the trading moderators or admins who will try to help you. We encourage defrauded traders to seek assistance from the police and we actively assist the police to secure a conviction, if possible.

    2) Rules and penalties. By posting in the Sales and Trades forum you agree to abide by all of the rules of this forum, including those below, and agree not to enter into any arguments with moderators or admins, whose decision is final and are empowered to issue penalties at their discretion varying from warnings to such things as:
    • awarding you an undesirable title,
    • modifying your avatar/signature, or
    • banning.

    3) All The Reserve Pool member sales and trades must be done through PMs or this "Sales and Trades" forum. No "trade talk" is permitted in other forums on this site. You are permitted to link to these trade threads elsewhere on the site, but no negotiations or sales discussion may take place in the other forums of this site.

    4) Permitted items. Your trade list must be primarily composed of items related to Dice Masters or the wider area of tabletop gaming (card games, board games, miniatures games, etc).

    5) Personal sales only. This forum is not your storefront. It is for personal sales/trades only.

    6) Advertising your sale/trade/want list. The primary way to advertise your haves/wants is to list your items in our trade list database. Do not create unnecessary threads to promote your items. We all know what a standard Vixen - Mari McCabe card from the Justice League set looks like. However, you may create a thread to promote custom, one-of-kind items, or items that need extra explanation. This thread may include pictures and the like.

    7) Bumping your thread. If you do have a thread promoting your items in the forum, you may "bump" it no sooner than two weeks after the last post in it.

    8) Feedback. After a successful or botched trade, you are strongly encouraged to leave feedback on the sale. Others rely on this feedback to judge the relative reliability of potential trading partners. To do this, go to the other party's profile page, select the Feedback Score tab and click on the Submit Feedback link. All feedback provided must be factual and should describe the sale, not the other person.

    "I had a great trade with Joe_Trader. No problems. Items arrived quickly."

    "Joe_Trader never sent the promised dice. It has been 2 weeks and he hasn't responded to PMs."


    "Joe_Trader is a great guy."

    "Joe_Trader is a jerk and just rips people off."

    The feedback should be brief and stick to the facts of the trade. There also is a much larger box available for longer comments, but its contents are only visible to you, the other party, and staff.

    9) Paypal gifts. If using PayPal for payments, sellers may not ask the buyers to send the money as a PayPal gift. Buyers are strongly cautioned against sending payments as "gifts" to anyone as part of a transaction that is not, actually, a gift.

    10) Shipping. If the buyer requests the seller ship via a method that provides tracking numbers, the seller should honor that request, and should inform the buyer of the tracking number within 2 days after the item has shipped. Depending on the shipping company, obtaining a tracking number may be an additional expense to the seller, so the buyer should request this service prior the final price being determined.

    11) Disputes. If there is a dispute over a trade, leave negative feedback and in large comment box, tell us exactly what was agreed to and what has happened since the trade was agreed to which has caused the dispute. We will do our best to help bring the dispute to an amicable conclusion, but what we're able to do can be limited.

    12) Administrators' Discretion. These rules bind the online trading activity here at The Reserve Pool. Traders should be aware, however, that the administrators may change these rules or make exceptions completely within their own discretion.


    Sample Trading Procedure

    What follows is a sample procedure for doing sales that generally provides for smooth transactions and uses PayPal to provide both the buyer and seller with some protections. You do not have to follow this exact procedure, provided you are otherwise following the rules above and conducting yourself in an ethical manner.

    1) Buyer researches seller's previous trade history, if any, by looking up the seller's feedback score and details.

    2) Buyer and seller negotiate on a price for items. During the negotiation the seller should provide a clear description of any deficiencies in the condition of the items and is also clear about what is and is not included with the sale. ("Cards show signs of use, but are in great condition. The corresponding die will be included with each card.")

    3) Buyer should get a clear date when an item will be shipped and via what method before any money changes hands.

    4) In a timely manner, buyer pays using PayPal and sends the money as a "Goods" purchase (not a "Gift"). For extra protection, the buyer can specify a credit card (not debit card, or checking account) as the source of the funds. You must use a Goods purchase to be eligible for PayPal's Buyer Protection. When sending the money, be sure to specify a shipping address, verified with PayPal, so the buyer knows exactly where it should be shipped. It is also a good idea to provide the general details of the transaction in the PayPal comment box (what you're buying, what condition it is in, and when the buyer said it will be shipped).

    5) After receiving the funds, the buyer ships the item via a shipper that provides a tracking number. Be sure to factor this in when determining how much the buyer should pay you for shipping! (The U.S. Postal Service calls this a delivery confirmation number and is free for Priority Mail shipments entered online, but can cost $1 or so to add otherwise). To use PayPal's Seller Protection, you should ship within 7 days and make sure that they buyer provided a VERIFIED shipping address. If the payment is over $250, you should also ship requiring a signature at delivery.

    6) In the event a seller does not ship an item in a timely fashion or the items is significantly different than described, the buyer should open a claim with PayPal. The seller is given a period of time to resolve the claim, shipping the item (or providing the evidence that they did in fact previously ship the item) and PayPal helps mediate any disputes.

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    If you have any questions about these rules, ask them here.

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    Thanks for creating the forum Ken. I've had a few trades with fellow TRPers prior to the creation of this forum. It's cool to leave and receive feedback for those trades, correct?

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    Yes, any online trades where both you and your trading partner have an account here can be documented in our feedback system, even if they were done prior to this system or negotiated on another site.

    In-person trades should not be documented here. A good in-person trade isn't a good indicator that the person will be reliable online.

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    How do you post a new thread? I'm not seeing the option as I do in other forums on the site?

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    Many people in the Comments section of the Trade Database will specify if it includes the die or not. If you are unsure you can directly contact the trader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crestfallen View Post
    How do you post a new thread? I'm not seeing the option as I do in other forums on the site?
    Are you still having this problem?

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    @Ken : No, thanks. The button showed up an hour or so after I posted the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caoboi View Post
    Hi Admins,

    Quick question, if I'm looking to sell out of Dice Masters and I have a huge lot I can't just list out what I have with a picture?

    Do I have to list everything in the database then sell them separate? I'm a little confused on that side.
    The database is set up for trades. For straight up sales I think you'd be fine with just posting a thread like you mentioned.

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    Hi Guys, i would like to know if you have any special ruling for international trades?
    I am not from US and i would like to transact with some players here.

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