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Thread: PlayMats in Gallery Section

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    PlayMats in Gallery Section

    So to make it easier for peeps, I've uploaded 70 of my PlayMat designs to the gallery section on TRP for you all Enjoy

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    Nice! I never seemed to find the general dropbox link in the Facebook groups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vavoom View Post
    Is there a good place to get these made into a gamemat. everywhere I look the only make if you order 25 or more.

    They are literally perfectly set up for any full-size Dice Masters playmat file you get, as long as it's the right size, of course.

    I got mine within a week in the mail after uploading the picture/buying it, and they don't have any rules on not printing copyrighted characters (yet, lol)

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    Awesome. That horizontal Deadpool one is probably my favorite of the bunch. Nice work.

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    I used Inked Playmats for my Booster Gold playmat and could not have been happier.

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    These are gorgeous I wish I could find one that's Jean Grey centric

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    Inked Playmats will be the way I will go. That Booster Gold mat is amazing.

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