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Thread: superpawn control

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    superpawn control

    I kinda updated super pawns and made it a control team. I know it has been done before; also I wouldn't take it to worlds or anything but it is super fun to play.;1198-1;

    The basic idea here is to use falcon to make a sidekick unblockable and use the mystic box global to beef them up with your opponents characters. The box is also pretty solid removal. Human paladin keeps your opponent from using your globals on you.

    storm: polymorph counter
    black manta: I'm really enjoying him as a blocker against the new bolt ping teams he also gives shield energy for mystic box and dr dooms global.
    dr doom: you would be suprised what he ends up killing used for the global.

    the rest of the team should be pretty duh...pretty curious of what people think.

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    Transfer Power global with Falcon: Recon and Human Paladin is super good! I think SR Scarlet Witch is a good activator for Dr. Doom's global and should help get you more sidekicks n shields.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickPhamDA View Post
    SR Scarlet Witch

    Someone contact Dice Anon!

    Nick's been replaced by an imposter!


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    Quote Originally Posted by xxDAYMANxx View Post
    i found doom more effective against hellblazers and black widows then pumping major shields into it to kill big threats.
    Oh I definitely wasn't implying you should cut Doom. I was saying that if you have it, the SR Scarlet Witch has some decent synergy here and it's a Villain. Just something to think about as an alternative to David maybe.

    Obviously, its a minimal improvement if it's an improvement at all (as sometimes the case with using SRs).

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