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Thread: Human Paladin and Jinzo

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    Human Paladin and Jinzo

    So I have decided that I want to use both of these in my Mid-Range/Control build. Let's just say, that in addition to these, I have a couple of cheap characters, a couple of bruisers, a removal character, and PXG...

    When do I buy what?

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    T1 - buy my 2 cost, res global, PXG1
    T2 - (rolling 7 dice) buy Human Paladin, PXG3
    T3 - (rolling 10 dice)field HP, buy jinzo, res global (putting Jinzo in prep), PXG1(or PXG2 if my 2 cost rolled double energy)
    T4 - (rolling 9 dice)field Jinzo, buy a bruiser, PXG1

    that sound right?

    Jinzo out on my opponents 4th or 5th turn... that soon enough? or should he be a higher priority than HP... I was thinking I need HP to protect Jinzo... but now I'm not sure...

    T1 - buy my 2 cost, res global, PXG1
    T2 - (rolling 7 dice) buy Jinzo, PXG1
    T3 - (rolling 6 dice)... ok, stop here. This isn't right.... 6 dice? Oh, I should use polymorph...

    T1 - buy polymorph, PXG1
    T2 - (rolling 6 dice) field a SK, res global, PXG2
    T3 - (rolling 7 SK dice + 1 poly)(*1 damage*)... buy Jinzo, polymorph him in, PXG1
    granted, these are perfect rolls.... but can be done.
    So that's Jinzo out on my opponents 3rd or 4th turn...
    Plus, this scenario requires poly/res BAC's... what if I wanted AI???
    But back to my original question, should I even be rushing these guys out there?

    Of course, if I'm facing an agro team, I would not do theses first 4 turns this way, right? field my cheap dudes, instead of using them as energy...?

    EDIT: This is the kind of turns you guys do for your tournament teams, huh? Geez, it's nuts! Feels like cheating!... maybe I'll just stick with Daredevil(modified) drafting with my son... Just kidding, I want to have at least 1 constructed team...

    EDIT: oh duhh, I need BEWD to play Jinzo... right? I'm doing it the hard way???
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    All of the above!

    Your purchase order, and whether you BEG Jinzo out faster, should, ultimately, be determined by two factors:

    1. What you roll.
    2. What your opponent has on their team.

    Rather than a strict buy order, I have buy priorities, based partly on what my team is meant to do, and partly on what my opponent brings, and I then work with what I roll to get as close to ideal as possible.

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    Static buy order is a dying thing. Let's all have a moment of silence. (The team I took to Canadian Nationals really only had two buy orders, one for big swing after controlling the board, and one for high hopes.) It was nice, but it's harder and harder to ensure...

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    OK. thanks.

    So my question still remains. Are these 2 cards pieces of that plan that I would like to purchase before my bruisers? before my defense?

    How will I know?

    EDIT: I guess you did answer this...

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