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Thread: The Reserve Pool Clan? Suggestion

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    The Reserve Pool Clan? Suggestion

    This may not be for everyone, But I follow the leaderboards for

    I think it is fun, because I see a lot of our members names on it. Plus other people in the community. Like @Dave you are ranked 6th in america and @Jthomash2 you are ranked 2nd. Great Job!!!
    Well I do not know if people knew this but they have a new clan option. I do not know how it works, but to me it looks kinda like Guilds for World of Warcraft. Well I liked having a guild when I played WOW, and there is a tight group in this forum. Well....
    I guess this question is really for the @admins of TRP but,
    Can we have a clan?
    I just think that would be cool....
    Just throwing it out there.
    I'll just go wait in transit....

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    I think we already do, to an extent. If you're talking specifically on the WizKids system... I agree. I think it'd be great, and it'd make it easier for those of us following along at home.

    What goes into making a clan there?

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    it explains it right here.

    But I think it is something that You Admins should talk about. If you do choose to create it I would like to join is all.

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