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Thread: 4 player Vassal?

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    4 player Vassal?

    Is there any interest in a four player Dice Masters vassal module?

    I can make the current module 4 player pretty easily. You can still play 2 player, but would just have to move the Player 3 and 4 mat out of the way.

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    There are already too many windows flying around in Vassal, IMO. Are you saying the 3/4 mats come up by default?

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    I wouldn't be a fan. I think that Vassal is already a little unwieldy, especially if someone is trying to learn it on their own. I think some people would use it but it wouldn't be something I'd be interested in. Then again, I never play these types of games any more than head-to-head.

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    It seems like making a separate Vassal module with 4 player would work. Would that be way more work, to keep up two mostly-identical copies of the same module?

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    I would just say, 4-person Vassal draft is actually very feasible, and after you spend a few minutes getting used to it, it's amazing.

    I'd recommend other people give it a go. T'was a TON-O-FUN last night.

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    I could not get 4 player mat windows visible on my screen at a size that would make the game playable.

    @simage : changes like this were part of the reason I had been considering a complete re-working. I would have had a single play area, in the main window, which would allow support for different formats by having different 'boards' for the different formats.

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    Cool idea. I will look into how to select different boards depending on number of players

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    The Donut version of the VASSAL Module at 1.0 had a shared two map game screen. I am working on a mat for doubles that would make a 4 person game playable with positions in a square. The problem is that the size so var is a good 900px x 1200px to put the 16 character cards and the BAC cards with dice. Instead of having a mat and a card area, everything ends up on the mats. But I think a add-on draft extension is more useful than a doubles format.

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