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Thread: Upcoming DC constructed tourney

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    Upcoming DC constructed tourney

    Hello all,

    First of I'm new to the community and I want to say how great your site is. Ok so here is the skinny my local shop is talking doing a DC constructed tourney. I am thinging about going with a JL retaliation deck, with maybe Green Arrow-Former Mayor for a bit of direct damage. Please let me know your thoughts what BAC I should bring what deck you would make.

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    This is very similar to a team that I played against in a draft event yesterday. It was a very strong team, although his team used Martian Manhunter - Green Martian to force some Overcrush... and Robin - Circus Star to be unblockable.

    The Retaliation is nasty, especially when multiple Retaliators are in the field. Zatanna Zatara is certainly nice, because you field her, then send her over to either get KO'd (which causes damage due to retaliation and lets you field her again and prep another die) or you do her damage. I'm a fan of a Retaliation mess that forces your opponent to either take some damage, or KO her and take some damage. I would include a way to pump up her attack (Anger Issues BAC for example) to really make it a gut-wrenching decision.

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    If I wanted to build a team around Justice League Retaliation, this might be the team I'd build:;3x25jl;3x31jl

    Like I said, ideally you will field a TON of Zatannas, then send them in with energy held back making sure to let your opponent know that you will be pumping her up if he doesn't block and stop her. You could, also, pump up their characters to make sure your Zatannas get KO'd, triggering your Retaliation and letting you field her once again.

    That's just how I would do it. I hate not putting a 5th Retaliation character, but Aquaman giving discounts to purchase JL is too sweet to pass up.

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