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Thread: Cheetah dr Anne Minerva

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    Cheetah dr Anne Minerva

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Size:  44.5 KBSo I tried to play this card and if I use its effect which assigns damage before anything else is resolved . I can then choose who I'm attacking? Or does my opponent get to choose who he wants to defend this character with? How does this card work? So confused on this one card
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    You declare attackers (including Cheetah). Your opponent declares blockers (whoever he wants to block whichever attackers he wants). You both play Globals/actions, as able.

    Then you assign damage. Ordinarily this is simultaneous. So if a lvl2 Cheetah (3A/3D) without this power is being blocked by another 3A/3D character, both would deal the damage at the same time and both would be KO'd. With this Cheetah's power, she deals her 3A before anything else, and the blocker is KO'd before he can deal his 3A back to Cheetah. Cheetah survives and lives to attack another day.

    It works the same way as Hawkeye: Robin Hood.

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