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Thread: 31/05 - Ringwood NLG 8 Player Constructed (AVX/UXM) 1st Place

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    31/05 - Ringwood NLG 8 Player Constructed (AVX/UXM) 1st Place

    Hi TRP!

    As I've mentioned in other locations on the site, I'm from Australia and have recently fell in love with Dice Masters. A friend and I are right in to the game, and we have currently only had access to the AvX set until today, including two drafts. I'm a competitive player that loves to have fun, and I have a real tendency to 'fiend' my new interests. By this I mean to say that I: Browse forums (including ALL the old threads content dating back months), watch VODs of games (I've watched all of the US Nationals on YouTube which is an AWESOME resource), post in forums myself and think about the game a lot!

    As a result, I was stoked to enter my first constructed tournament today in Melbourne. I'd done a bunch of research through the aforementioned means, and put together a team that I thought was really strong in the current Marvel only format. The team is as follows:

    A really strong team with the debut of my two AvX Super Rare Super Stars, complimented by globals that force my opponents characters to attack and answers for swarm in Storm: Wind Rider and big threats in Hulk: Jade Giant. I hadn't had a chance to playtest this deck at ALL against any Uncanny X-Men Cards, so I was naturally a little nervous going into the PXG metagame against players who were very familiar with it (versus myself who had just fiended a lot of replays). Here is how the tournament (8 players, Bo3, Swiss Format) went down.

    Round 1

    vs Thomas (My buddy that I drove in with).

    Tom also had no access or experience with Uncanny X-Men, so we were in our natural, non-PXGing rolling 4 dice a turn meta that we were rather familiar with. I fielded a bunch of Tsarina in both games before Tom could use beasts/Silver Surfer global to ramp out his Hulk: Green Goliath. 2-0.

    Round 2

    vs Brenton.

    Brenton was playing a team with a lot of flexibility, and funnily enough - his entire team was UXM based - the opposite to my pure AVX team! I believe he had the uncommon Ant-Man, sidekick boosting Angel, common Toad, vanilla stats Falcon and, most importantly, Professor X!

    I picked up the PXG game very quickly in Game 1, buying 3 Tsarina dice and forcing through a lot of damage before Brenton had the chance to draw his imprisoned. Might I add here, it's a crazy amount of fun using PXG for the first time, it's so insane rolling 7 dice on Turn 2, wow!

    Game 2 - I went for a Tsarina based opening again, but was taken by surprise by the power of the sidekick boosting angel and was hit with two big swings of damage that were enough for lethal. I switched to a couple of Beasts but by then the damage was done.

    Game 3 - Brenton went for an early Psylocke buy, which didn't phase me too much. I went for a Tsarina/Storm build and was able to control the field. Whilst imprisoned DID come into play, I managed to save an extra mask to force Brenton's sidekick to attack, thus freeing my Black Widows. I was able to swing for game after this.

    Round 3

    vs Leigh.

    I met Leigh before the event started, and we had a great chat about the game and I could tell he was a clued on player, it didn't surprise me that we met in the final. Leigh had just pulled 'Gobby' the night before, and was keen to set him to work.

    Game 1 saw Leigh buy 4 Green Goblin dice, vs my opening of T1 Tsarina, T2 Johnny Storm and T3 Storm: Wind Rider. I used my health as a resource as much as possible this game, and distracted Gobby where possible. Johnny Storm allowed me to ping sidekicks while my Tsarina and Storm did the bulk of the attacking. I won with around 8 life remaining.

    Game 2 was very close. Leigh went aggressively into Gobby once more, so I decided to opt for Storm on T2 this time around. I was still under an enormous amount of pressure, taking hits of 5 and then 7 from Gobby and the sidekicks once Leigh realised that leaving the sidekicks on the board wasn't going to be a good idea now that Storm was in play. I piled on direct damage with Tsarina, and using PXG again and again allowed me to continue to draw her and Storm out of my bag. I was able to force Leigh to break ramp over and over by having him use his masks to distract my Tsarina dice. A really close game, with me winning with just 2 life remaining.

    I won 5 boosters packs, and even the commons were exciting because I had NO Uncanny X-Men cards. I also won the Wolverine promo and the Sentinel promo for participating. Everyone was super friendly and we had a great time talking about the game and doing trades to bolster our collections.

    All in all it was a fantastic tourney. I got my first taste of competitive Dice Masters, I was able to make new mates and was strongly encouraged by how many people were loving and playing the game. All the people involved at NLG Ringwood are super awesome dudes, and I hope this is a step in the right direction for building a Melbourne based Dice Masters community.

    Thanks for reading, and happy rolling!

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    Nice report. It sounds like you went in swinging. That AvX All-Stars team is pretty nice, and I am not surprised you were able to make it work with all of the research and "training" you put in for your first event. Well done, all around.

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    Really sucks that you had to play your bud first turn, but congrats on the win. Did you only pull commons in your five packs?

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    Thanks, Oddball! I wasn't able to playtest a whole lot, so the extra mile in "training" really paid off, haha. Cheers for the support! The team worked really well together, although I didn't even end up buying Gobby once on the day! Which was strange because I relied on it pretty heavily when I did get the chance to practice. Tsarina/Storm and the force attack globals were the stars.

    Tell me about it, RJ! The store owner made a joke that tournament systems always manage to pair the two people who travelled the furthest together, haha :P Yep! Only commons, which was totally cool for collection building. Then I bought 10 backs and pulled 1 rare and 8 uncommons, not bad!

    I must stress again though, boy was it a LOT different playing with Professor X. I found that my moves were a lot more complex on the whole and resource management actually became far more important.

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