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Thread: AoU Preorder Back in Stock @ Miniature Market

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    AoU Preorder Back in Stock @ Miniature Market

    If anyone missed the first round, looks like Age of Ultron preorders are available again at Miniature Market (including gravity feeds, starter sets, & the collectors' box).

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    yo if y'all really want a good place for pre-orders, check out Potomac Distribution:

    I don't work there or anything, but I've used it 3-4 years, especially until my flgs lowered the HeroClix pre-order price to something reasonable - but anything after my first case (2 gravity feeds in DM terms), I'd buy from here. I still buy DM from here because the flgs hasn't figured out a pre-order price that isn't just [(the price of a booster) times (the number of boosters in a gravity feed)].

    You also don't have to put down more than 10% to make a pre-order, and they'll charge the other 90% when they ship out the day before it's scheduled to come out. I always just choose to pay all at once though - I hate having to think about owing money and having to save a specific amount etc..., when I can just pay it all at once and not worry about it. Still, I have used it before.

    Also, I believe the website has a map, but like, it's based in Northern VA, and if you're within an X mile radius, it gets to you on the day it comes out, within Y miles, two days, and within Z (sort of divides the continental U.S. into thirds with vertical lines, starting from the East) miles, three days. Probably four or so for Alaska/Hawaii/foreign.

    Anyway, I always champion spending money at your local store, even if it's a little more. That being said, it's one thing to pay $200 instead of $185 to help your local store get business/stay alive that you play at and all, but if the difference is something like, $67 to $90 (which it is for me now with Dice Masters), which is a 34% price increase compared to the previous examples' 8% price increase, I'd say it's fair to go with the cheaper place. I still try and buy my starters and whatnot for Dice Masters from the store, and I also still buy HeroClix so I don't feel as bad - but I still wouldn't feel too bad anyway, as it simply comes down to economics for different people at different points, and if it comes down to it, you've got to look out for yourself, first.

    Just recognize as many chances as you can to buy as much as you can from your local comic shop. I sort of look at it as paying "rent" for playing, especially because I was playing HeroClix for three years before DM came out, and it has a lot more constructed events, as opposed to DM which is some sort of draft or half sealed 90% of the time (at least in the stores in my area - first fully constructed event today that I've seen in the past couple months), so you are giving the store money.

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    Thanks. If I don't buy locally I typically go with Miniature Market or CoolStuff.

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    They also have War of Light and Amazing Spider-Man up for preorder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalFirefly View Post
    They also have War of Light and Amazing Spider-Man up for preorder.
    Yeah, even when I'm not buying something, I check them for release dates, as they're always up to date with the latest date given by WizKids.

    I pre-ordered 2 AoU gravity feeds back on May 6, but they were up for awhile before that - and they usually stay in stock up until the cutoff date that they take it off for pre-order.

    Of course, as soon as it's released, you can still just buy it for the same price anyway - pre-ordering mainly lets you pay 10% down and then 90% the day before it comes out when shipped from whatever card was put down for the 10%.

    Takes PayPal, too.

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    Feed, packs and Starter sets available for pre-order on CoolStuff.

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