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Thread: The Destination in Louisville, KY - 5/30/15 - Modified "Leader" DC Draft

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    The Destination in Louisville, KY - 5/30/15 - Modified "Leader" DC Draft

    The Destination in Louisville, KY held a "Leader" DC Draft. For the "Leader" format, every player chose one of the 24 starter characters from the Starter Set with up to 4 dice. This was designated the Leader of the team, and allowed for every player to cushion their drafted team. The Leader had to be selected before the draft began, so it was important to have an idea of the direction to take the targeted drafting.

    There were eleven players for the tournament, which caused the number of packs available for each player to go from 12 to 10. There were two players that went 3-0. The TO decided that, instead of having the top two players face off, both players would be awarded a Superman card for top prize. I will do my best in this post to give the best info for the games I was involved in, and also some team information for the remainder of the players.

    First, my team:;3x32jl;3x31jl

    x4 x1 x2 x3
    x1 x3 x1 x3
    x3 x3

    My draft went extremely well, even though I was concerned about being so bolt heavy. I had originally chosen Martian Manhunter - J'onn J'onnz to have a heavy hitter that could be given Overcrush and "pumped-up" by puny sidekicks getting in his way. As the draft started, I noticed I was in the same pod as the guy that I consider the best player in our DM Community. I thought that this would prevent several good cards from coming my way, at least for the half of the draft where he was passing to me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to be passed several keepers, including the Red Tornado uncommons that kept making their way to me. Two of the three Tornados I drafted were the green striped dice cyclones. The dice rainbow only showed three Cheetahs, and I was able to snag two. I rounded out the core of my team with Hawkmen, and was able to grab all three of his cards. This gave me plenty to choose from.

    The strategy for my team is simple:
    Turn 1 - Purchase a Tornado or a Cheetah
    Turn 2 - Purchase the thing I didn't purchase in turn 1
    Turn 3 - Try to get a Tornado or Cheetah on the board
    Turn 4 or 5 - Purchase Firestorm
    Turns the rest - Field Firestorm, buy Hawkeyes, attack with Cheetahs and Hawkeyes pinging for damage until the opponent flips the table

    I only purchased my Martian Manhunter in one game, and that was when he had Aquaman in the field and I had already purchased Hawkeyes and Cheetahs galore. I also (almost) never purchased action dice. I didn't think it was super necessary for the team. What was necessary, however, was the Tornado churn. I had played with him before the event in a "warm-up" game, and found that he is as good as everyone on TRP says he is. He fit into my bolt team like a glove.

    My first game was against my friend Mike. He doesn't get to play too often, and this was only his second draft. His team was:

    Green Arrow - Oliver Queen x 4
    Batman - Caped Crusader x 1
    Flash - Barry Allen x 2
    Booster Gold - Michael John Carter x 2
    Captain Cold - Leo Wynters x 1
    Hawkman - Thanagarian x 1
    Martial Manhunter - Green Martian x 1
    Red Tornado - Android x 1

    BACs - Casualties and Fist of Fury

    My games against him were pretty straight forward. I realized, pretty quickly, that Tornado and Cheetah should be my first purchases. I didn't buy a Firestorm in my first game, and it lasted for awhile... but I was able to ping and Cheetah him to zero. The second game, he bought his Martian Manhunter early and started swinging hard with him. I did start using Firestorm, and was able to weather the barrage to pick up my first victory.

    The second game, my opponent brought a villain heavy team with six bad guys (including Black Manta - Deep Sea Deviant). I was able to use the same strategy and prevent him from keeping Manta on the table long enough to retaliate, allowing me to pick up the win. He went 2-1 on the day, and I could see why.

    My last game was against the aforementioned "Defending Champion". He fielded the following team:;3x33jl;3x25jl

    x4 x1 x1 x2
    x2 x1 x1 x2
    x3 x3

    This was easily the toughest team that I played against. He was able to roll Batman out early, and then start cycling in Justice League characters for health to counter my Cheetah pings. Unblockable Robins were also on the menu, and once Wonder Woman got in the field, she allowed the sidekicks to stop Cheetah and Hawkman without letting them go through.

    My Red Tornado did its job early and well, however. I was able to cycle everything I needed through my bag and back on to the table. Thanks to Aquaman, I was able to purchase all of my Firestorms cheaply. And, when Overcrushin' Martian Manhunter came a-callin', I was able to block with multiple copies of everyone that couldn't get through the wall of Sidekicks and go to used.

    I was able to go 3-0 on the day.

    The other 3-0 team was a mix of Heroes and Villains:
    Deathstroke - Slade Wilson x 4
    Batman - Caped Crusader x 1
    Robin - Circus Star x 1
    Black Manta - Deep Sea Deviant x 1
    Cyborg - Mentor x 2
    Hawkman - Thanagarian x 2
    Lex Luthor - Former President x 2
    Atom - Ray Palmer x 3

    I think I would have done well against this team, however Deep Sea Deviant is always a problem, and that Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin gave me a few fits in my last game of the day. I think the direct damage of my mostly Bolt team would have been enough to chip away and hold... but that's only conjecture of course.

    All in all, it was a great day of Dice Masters. We had several new players and were shocked (but extremely happy) about the turnout. The Leader twist was nice to supplement the draft, however I'm hoping that we'll go back to regular draft next time. I imagine that I won't be likely to be passed so many good cards next time, as several people got to see what a bolt team can do when it's backed up by Uncle Red Tornado.

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    Well played! Yeah, you got a strong team in the draft there, and using Manhunter as a "leader" made it clear that you would hope to go bolts.

    Manta is a tough one to play against, but Blue Beetle common really punishes Villain teams.

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    Cool format, Oddball! The leader concept is an interesting one, a hero for your superheroes! The Justice League draft looks to be fairly balanced and a lot of fun with some neat interactions. Congratulations on the win, a bonus win to have such a great turnout as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Well played! Yeah, you got a strong team in the draft there, and using Manhunter as a "leader" made it clear that you would hope to go bolts.

    Manta is a tough one to play against, but Blue Beetle common really punishes Villain teams.
    Thanks. I was certainly thinking of Firestorm when I picked Manhunter, but I never thought I would get virtually all of the characters I was looking for.

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    I think Firestorm Bolts will be harder and harder to draft into the longer the DC draft format goes.

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    I hope so. Part of why I like draft so much is because it evolves. What works in month uno won't work in month cinco. Es bueno!

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