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Thread: Critical Hit Games,Tampa, FL, 5/31, UXM Draft, 12 players, First Place

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    Critical Hit Games,Tampa, FL, 5/31, UXM Draft, 12 players, First Place

    I went to a local Draft not knowing the size of the scene in St. Pete. Was thoroughly impressed. They have a great guy there, David "Q" who runs their Tournaments and he divided the draft into two pods with cross pod swiss after. We decided to split prize support for the OP across the top two players and distribute the remainder of the OP cards to others. The two newest players ended up netting the other 2 first place prizes and over all it was a great community and tournament.

    I was able to draft Iron Man industrialist from my first pack, so I already knew I had "won", but I kept my drafting head on straight and was able to pick up this BEAST of a team.

    *4 *2 *1 *2
    *4 *2 *3 *1

    The Basic Actions

    We had to choose from Marvel only BACs, and I knew Iceman and Ironman would love a thrown car. As for Focus Power, I wanted to have an option to get the right toad/iron man if needed. Turns out i didn't.

    With a PXG Meta, this felt almost like a constructed team. First turn Falcon, then PXGx2. Second turn either Iceman or Antman and PXGx3 if possible. After that it was a matter of picking up Toad or Cap to act as removal devices. Cap+Iron Man global is really great removal in this set. Either you're killing their villains or you're making them villains and killing them anyway. The Antman global and Mr. Freize are also SUPER strong heavy hitters. I won one game in 4 rounds a draft... because of the strength of this guy.

    The other player that took second was able to get 4 characters under 4 cost, and then stuck with a villains theme after that. Seemed to work for her. The players I played against seemed to draft too few low cost characters, and that greatly hindered their ability to keep up with my PXG ramp.

    All in all a great day an I'm excited to play more at this great store and with this great group of players.

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    Yeah, Ice Man + Ant Man + PXG, throw in a blank two cost, and you're in good shape. Well drafted!

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