A local comic book store had some excess of UXM so they did a couple of rainbow draft events. They also offered a deal where players could get 12 packs for $8. I could not make the first draft early in the afternoon, but in the early evening I participated. There were 10 people playing, and we did two draft pods of five. I think I overheard this was a dice masters attendance record for this venue.

My Team
This time I wanted to make sure I had a consistent strategy, and I wanted to draft to support that. I also knew because of how powerful the global ability can be, I had to make sure I took a Professor X if I saw one. Going into the draft I had two strategies in mind. The first strategy was to go bolt heavy, using Pyro and/or Cable to deal damage to my opponent using direct damage. My second approach was to grab fist character who high attack, low defense, low fielding cost, and low purchase cost. I then planned to use the Relentless basic action global ability to remove blockers and attack early. In my opening draft pack, I had both the Pyro I needed for the bolt team and the Black Panter I needed for the fist team. Since my preferred option was fists, I went with Black Panther. I picked up X-23 early who was another good attacker. I wanted more Ant Man dice, but they were clumped together. I took one, and by time the pack came back around they were gone. In the end I had hoped for a few more cheap buys, but I felt like I had a team that could stick with my primary strategy. Here is what I fielded:

Game #1
In the first game, I drew the group organizer so I started off thinking in the back of my head I was probably going to lose. He was playing a very similar set up. Rather, we both had the same strategy we just did it slightly differently. Instead of using Black Panther and X-23 he intended to use Ice Man, and Ant-Man's global to make him a huge attacker. Fortunately, I went first because it guaranteed that if our teams both worked perfectly I was one turn ahead of him. I did get lucky attacking with X-23 on her level 3 side twice in a row, and on the next turn I was able to deal the remaining damage to win.

Game #2
For this game I was playing someone who had a team built around Mr. Sinister. This particular version of Mister Sinister would deal two damage to me every time a villain was knocked out. This would not have been a problem except he also had Iron Man which brought the global that could make anyone a villain. I felt like this might have been a bit of a slower team, but once he got going I was going to be in trouble. Because of this, I swung as hard and as fast as possible. On turn three I fielded X-23 on the level 2 side. I also had rolled a lot of bolts, and I spent them all on the enrage global ability which let me attack for 9. I managed to use Relentless to get an Ant Man through a turn later. At this point he was starting to build up, but I had enough out and enough Masks for relentless that I was able to get my lethal damage through.

Game #3
Going into this game I noticed my opponent was short on cheap characters. They had a three cost Mystique, but everything else cost four or more. I started to feel a little cocky at this point since my team was moving fast. That was a mistake, because I just about lost this one. My first two turns were terrible with rolls. I rolled mostly shields and I had no way to spend them. By time I got up and rolling, I was behind. I did manage to get one attack in for 8, but after that my opponent started building a wall. I got in a situation where I could use masks for Relentless or save it for Professor X. I kept saving it because if I attacked it would not be lethal and I would not be in a good spot for his response. I also discovered that Mystique which gains +1/+1 for dice in the prep area is an incredible blocker when paired with the PXG. I finally attacked to clear out his sidekick blockers, and on the next turn I had enough characters fielded that I overwhelmed his defenders to get the needed damage through.

Game #4
My opponent had built his team around Pyro. However, this game went extremely quick. On turn three I was able to get Black Panther out on his level 3 side. I used Masks with Relentless to get him through unblocked. Since he attacked alone he got +2 attack and I dealt 10 damage. On turn 5 I did the exact same thing.