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Thread: Game of Thrones set anyone?

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    Game of Thrones set anyone?

    So I just finished watching the new episode and I thought it would be great if there were a GoT set for Dice Masters. While highly unlikely that it would ever happen, it's still amusing to think that it could, given the wide variety of things they have included already. Tell me what you guys think! I've started a list of potential cards. Here's what I have so far (Names and Titles only):

    Game of Thrones Series
    Arya Stark
    -Water Dancer
    -Faceless Man/No One

    Barristan Selmy
    -Royal Advisor
    -the Bold

    Brandon Stark
    -Bran the Broken

    -the Beauty
    -of Tarth

    -of the Blackwater

    Cersei Lannister
    -Lady of Casterly Rock
    -Queen Mother
    -Queen Regent

    Daenerys Targaryen
    -Breaker of Chains
    -Mother of Dragons

    Davos Seaworth
    -The Onion Knight
    -King's Hand

    -Black Dragon
    -Terror of Meereen
    -The Winged Shadow

    -Albino Direwolf
    -Pale Shadow
    -Silent Death

    Gregor Clegane
    -Castellan of Harrenhall
    -Knight of the Kingsguard
    -The Mountain (that Rides)


    Jaime Lannister
    -Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
    -The Kingslayer

    Jon Snow
    -Bastard of Winterfell
    -Lord Snow

    Jorah Mormont
    -Lord of Bear Island
    -the Andal
    -the Exile

    Lady Melisandre
    -Red Priestess
    -Servant of R'hllor
    -The Red Woman

    Longclaw (gear)
    -Bastard Sword
    -Valyrian Steel
    -Wight's Bane

    Loras Tyrell
    -Heir to Highgardgen
    -Prince Charming
    -The Knight of Flowers

    Margaery Tyrell
    -Lady of the People
    -Princess of Highgarden
    -Queen Consort

    Needle (gear)
    -Parting Gift
    -The Pointy End

    Olenna Tyrell
    -Black Rose
    -The Queen of Thorns

    Petyr Baelish
    -Lord of Harrenhall/Master of Coin
    -Lord Protector of the Vale

    Podrick Payne

    Ramsay Bolton
    -Bastard of Bolton

    Roose Bolton
    -Lord of the Dreadfort
    -Warden of the North
    -Lord of Winterfell

    Samwell Tarly
    -Ser Piggy
    -Brother of the Night's Watch
    -the Slayer

    Sandor Clegane
    -The Hound

    Sansa Stark
    -Little Bird
    -Princess of Winterfell

    Stannis Baratheon
    -Son of Fire
    -The Lord's Chosen/The Chosen One
    -The Mannis

    Theon Greyjoy

    Tyrion Lannister
    -Master of Coin/Half-man
    -Hand of the King/God of **** and Wine

    Tywin Lannister
    -Hand of the King
    -Warden of the West
    -Protector of the Realm

    -The Eunuch
    -The Spider
    -Master of Whisperers
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    I like it. I like it a lot, and great sub-names for each character!

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    My girlfriend would be all over this. She would be pumped for LOTR, but I bet this would take the cake!

    If you get this finished, we'll have to play a game!

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    That's some nice titles you got over there. Any ideas for abilities yet? I was thinking about stuff like Little Finger being able to switch affiliations depending on other GoT people being in the field for example xD

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    Yeah some ability ideas. Like for Daenerys, her Breaker of Chains card would help you immediately field sidekick dice while her Mother of Dragons ability would power up dragons. Samwell's better versions would help you search your bag for other die or some such effect. Podrick would allow you to purchase equipment die for cheaper costs. etc, etc. These are just off the top of my head last night.

    EDIT: also thinking of changing Arya's third version from "Faceless Man" to "No One"

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    Awesome list, I would just throw up in my mouth a little bit if the artwork for the cards was stills from the TV show!

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    You've put considerable thought in this. Got me fantasizing about mixing hypothetical fantasy-themed sets like GoT and LoTR with D&D.
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    It really wasn't that difficult. Just pick out the main characters and remember/look up their titles. Other characters could be implemented like Tywin, Robb, Ramsay, or even Hodor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luridrex View Post
    It really wasn't that difficult. Just pick out the main characters and remember/look up their titles. Other characters could be implemented like Tywin, Robb, Ramsay, or even Hodor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimo View Post
    You win this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimo View Post
    +100 chances for you sir.

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    What about the Basic Action, "Cut Off Your Opponent's ____"? It works for so many characters!

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    I love this idea! I want to play this so badly.

    Obviously there would be the house factions but playing with the fire/ice theme would be fun, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimo View Post
    Haha, you're not far off! I was thinking:

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    Almost forgot about Basic Actions! Here's a quick list of ten potential Basic Actions from the Game of Thrones set:

    Bannermen: Field 3 Sidekicks with House affiliation of choice

    Betrayal: Character loses all affiliations and gains another of your choice.

    Iron Bank of Braavos: Draw several extra dice this turn, do not draw next turn.

    Milk of the Poppy: Gain 1 life. Global- Pay shield to give +1D to character.

    Public Execution: KO 1 of your characters to make other characters unblockable.

    Trial by Combat: Force your character and opposing character to fight.

    Valar Morghulis: Level 1/2*/3** or lower character is sent straight to the used pile.

    Wedding Reception: Opponent must block all attackers this turn, if able.

    Wildfire: Deal 3 damage to all characters. Excess damage is dealt to controlling player.

    Winter is Coming: Your characters gain +1D, opposing characters get -1D.

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    Updated the list of characters.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutki View Post
    If you are seriously thinking about creating a full set, I would go for dice stats that match existing ones for easy replacements. The cards themselves can be easily printed, but custom dice would be quite expensive. For example this could use Bishop stats:
    This was actually suggested to me at a tournament last night. I like the idea, because it means the set would actually be playable. So I'd like like to ask for the community's support! If you think a certain die would work well for any particular character, post it here and I'll save it for reference later! I'll also try and pump out images for any of these ideas that become final in my mind.

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