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    Life Gain

    Obviously, unless the rules are changed to be able to go over 20 life, a life gain team is hurt in the short run. I made a pretty fun team, though. It can be edited, and I was originally going to use the rare War Machine which lets you knock someone out when fielded if Iron man is in play, but don't have him :-/ However, this one makes a good win condition.

    I only played one game so far against a medium level (low being totally fun, high being Tsarina/Gobby/Hellblazer+5) team. I ended up winning by a good amount. He got me to around 7 I think, but I was able to have a turn where I just had too much to swarm on him (more attackers than blockers) when he was down to 5. Also, a lot of these cards do direct damage as well as gain life.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LifeTeam.png 
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    It's weird because the only 3 cost is Power Bolt, but it ended up being really necessary, because I don't really want to attack, I just want to block and do direct damage otherwise. Harley was able to get him pretty well, actually (never used the rare Harley before), and I think I need to get the rare War Machine, because I need straight removal - I just didn't want any card not based on life gain (possibly opponents' life loss), to go against theme (except PXG...). I know there are a lot of five costs, but it worked out. I do see how it would be better with rare War Machine for sure, though.

    I basically bought Beasts/Power Bolts at first, and save to ramp, and it helps that I try to keep 1-2 sidekicks in play (in terms of keeping 4 to draw each turn not having to use bag and controlling my game). Then, I get Harley and depending on how fast threats are coming at me, and what my opponent is running, I'll get Captain America against teams that have a lot of their own, or even just a couple sidekicks, especially with Casualties global, possibly doubling life gain.

    I don't buy Constantine at first because you can't go over 20. He starts getting bought after maybe 2-3 turns, to be cycled as much as possible.

    I didn't even do damage outside of Power Bolt/Harley's asterisk power, until my very last turn in which it would've just been stupid to not attack because I had the win, and he would've the next turn.

    Anyway, it was inspired when I first saw that the Constantine had come out and had to order it immediately because I thought it was so cool. It was a really fun team to play, and it has a lot of options,m actually.

    If you couldn't already imagine, it was a very, very long game. My opponent also brought Power Bolt and got 4 while I only got 2, but I still managed to win cause of gaining life. It really played out interestingly because my opponent just wasn't quite sure what to do.

    Anyway, other than PXG I don't want to break life theme, so it's harder to have the character costs ramp up better, which is why I have a lot of 2 costs including Rally, and the 3 cost Power Bolt (which ended up really helping, anyway).

    I don't think that I need the unblockable War Machine win condition, at least seeing how last game played out, when I could have character removal that isn't an amount of direct damage, so I can get rid of mostly anything, and since I just build blockers and don't attack, I end up with a lot fielded with my opponents' life low after a lot of Power Bolts/Harleys. The reason Harley was able to do at least like, 5 damage, was because of all of my life gain keeping the game going so long.

    Really, really fun.

    Ideas? Input? I'm staying Marvel/DC.

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    Magic Missle in place of Power Bolt would provide you its global to ping Iron Man for life gain.

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    Magic missile isn't from Marvel or DC. Slapster won't use it. He also won't use anything from YuGiOh, so Mystic Elf is out too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alleyviper View Post
    Magic Missle in place of Power Bolt would provide you its global to ping Iron Man for life gain.
    There are lots of ways to improve this team's life gain ability, ramp, and other aspects, but he only wants to use Marvel and DC. So Magic Missile/Slifer are out, Mystic Elf is out, no BEWD to help move those Mystic Elves... seriously lots of ways this team could be improved using YGO and D&D.

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    Ah, I completely overlooked that last line.

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    I know there are ways to improve the team, mechanics wise, with other cards.

    I also know what I have fun doing.

    I'd rather lose with cards I have fun playing with than win with cards because their numbers are big but I otherwise have no fun or don't care.

    I mean, I might go for DnD eventually and break down, but there is absolutely no way you'll ever see me with a yugioh card unless it's a prize at an event I won and it's worth money to sell.

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    You got inspired by my weird team that totally didn't work? Nice to see some more people trying out different stuff just for fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
    You got inspired by my weird team that totally didn't work? Nice to see some more people trying out different stuff just for fun!
    It was a combination of your team, and then actually having Constantine in hand. I wanted to try and make it as different as possible, but the Iron Man/War Machine combo is too important.

    We should play each other each with of our teams - obviously you should already be in bed, lol.

    But maybe tomorrow? Around 9pm your time - or before I have class at maybe 4-6pm your time

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    I'm now 2-0 with this deck. Last game I literally bought everything but 1 of my Power Bolts (opponent did), 1 War Machine, 1 Harley, 1 PXG (of course), and 1 Captain America. Everything But.

    I had no business winning my second game when I saw the team. Tsarina, Jade Giant, Blue Eyes White Dragon, the redirect damage Iron Man, others... and a good player, but man oh man does that life gain really help. And that Beast! With this deck, I roll characters A LOT, so I end up getting the asterisk Beast out there quite often. I literally got him down to 5 with two or three power bolts and Beast's direct damage. And every single time I either did damage with Beast or Power Bolt (which I had to to get his life down), he'd end up KOing any of my dudes as he had two maybe three Hulks at one point, with an asterisk Hulk always out never attacking, only attacking with an extra if rolled. Constantine was also awesome, even if it was just one a turn, because you can choose to have him block in cycles so you're rolling a couple a turn. The life gain is great from Beast.

    Tsarina actually helps Beast, also, because I was able to get him to level 1 to gain me 1 life AND do 2 damage at the end when he attacked with 3 Tsarinas at a time, and I had three to four Beasts out at various levels. He had the Iron Man that lets you redirect 1 damage from you to one of your characters for a shield, which helped him KO me a lot, but it was to the point where I was just rolling 20 odd dice a turn (maybe less, but it was at least 12 each time). Basically, after I had literally bought at least one of everything else except for Casualties because he NEVER ran sidekicks (made Harley pretty useless in the game, too), I was able to get him down to 3 while I was at 9, during his attack on me, when I originally had like, 16 or something, and he had like, 15 (2 each from three Beasts two times he attacked) life to start, but I was able to spin Marvel Girl up two or three turns, field Constantine at least seven or so turns, and Block with asterisk Beast, a lot thanks to Tsarina, quite a few times.

    Along with blocking with my Iron Man, who I could also asterisk, I'd end most attacks on me with more life than him, or in a much better position - even when he'd use invulnerability. It was his last attack that gave me so much to roll that I got out War Machine and Iron Man, both at level three, and a Power Bolt which I obviously used before fielding (him starting at 3), and War Machine having 5 attack and unblockable if Iron Man is fielded. I didn't take any screencaps because it was online, but it was really fun. There were times when it was 14 characters on each side of the field in the second game, and it took literally between two and three hours - that's without being allowed to go over twenty life.

    It was such an insane rush for me to get up blockers that I couldn't start buying actions for awhile.

    If that was allowed, I'd probably have gone up to thirty before I started going back down - at least 26 or 27. As much as I dislike it, I can see why this might not be ideal for tournament settings.

    Here are a couple of pictures of my board at various points, my life in white (it was online, so as I mentioned, no screencaps - I also don't wanna violate privacy or his team):

    Earlier in the game, it was ridiculous:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	EarlyGameLife.JPG 
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    Right before/during my last swing/action, after Power Bolting first, and THEN fielding Iron Man and then War Machine who was unblockable and at 5 attack, doing the correct thing for once:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LateGameLife.JPG 
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Size:	1.75 MB 
ID:	954

    I can't imagine how much longer I can ride this one out.

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    I didn't see him mentioned but NO LIFE GAIN deck should be without this fellow. The ability to double your life back to 10 is immense when your hanging by the skin of your teeth and he fits in the Marvel / DC Heroes only theme.

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    IMO he's too expensive for the 10 limit, should be 15 rather. Or just cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
    IMO he's too expensive for the 10 limit, should be 15 rather. Or just cheaper.
    yeah, at any point if I wasted a turn buying him instead if multiples of more cyclable characters, I'd have lost both games.

    The whole point was not to attack and leave a wall of defenders gaining me life basically

    I dunno, but I know that I never attacked in either game until my very last turn when it won for me

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    I was in the same boat as you not wanting to get Yugioh and Dungeons and Dragon cards but I looked at their effects and bought the one's I wanted. Yugioh especially (Jinzo and Blue Eyes) have some of the strongest cards in the game. Especially their basic actions are worth getting for both Yugioh and DND.
    Just get over your ignorance and look at what the cards can do. Lot of those cards for life gain with Yugioh can increase your chances of tweaking your deck better.

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    maybe to much life gain, you need more agression or direct damage (example Human Torch Johnny Storm) but its great, life gain is always nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshaber View Post
    maybe to much life gain, you need more agression or direct damage (example Human Torch Johnny Storm) but its great, life gain is always nice.
    oh most definitely

    I was purposely only using cards with the word "life" in the text, and tried to keep it to just gaining

    if I was going to make it more competitive, I'd start with like, taking out the sidekick sub-theme, because those are only really helpful against flying sidekicks, so I'd take out Harley, Captain America, and Casualties BAC, at least. Maybe take a die off of Constantine, too. Maybe even change him to his SR. That would be most helpful, as direct damage has been the hardest thing to deal with since it's mostly a wall of life gaining blockers

    maybe add Storm and Jade Giant for Captain and Harley, replace Constantine with his SR (since I can only still gain one life if I field four, compared to having multiple Marvel Girls out, which lets you gain life for each die out there), to help stave off Pyro/Firestorm type characters. And maybe a BAC like imprisoned or something to capture someone doing me dirty

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