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    D&D OP info on

    Hadn't seen this on the WizKids website yet. I'll be interested to see what these OP card abilities are going to be. Maybe we'll get some OP cards that are actually useful. I haven't really seen many OP cards used in serious tournament play. At least not since Rally! basic action was nerfed.

    Battle for Faerūn Event Two

    Each Battle for Faerūn OP Kit Two (SKU: 71947) includes:

    20 Halfling Thief: Minion Lords Alliance Limited Edition Participation Prize Cards
    5 Treant: Legendary Beast Limited Edition Fellowship Prize Cards
    5 Copper Dragon: Legendary Dragon Limited Edition Competitive Prize Cards
    Event Two Instruction Sheet

    Battle for Faerūn Event Three

    Each Battle for Faerūn OP Kit Three (SKU: 71948) includes:

    20 Zombie: Minion Undead Limited Edition Participation Prize Cards
    5 Owlbear: Legendary Beast Limited Edition Fellowship Prize Cards
    5 Green Dragon: Legendary Dragon

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    Thanks, mate. I updated the wiki accordingly.

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    I agree most all op cards are the worst version of the character look at the new she hulk

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    Looks like the Owlbear card has a global on it. It will be interesting to see complete scans of each of the OP Kits. While most OP cards seem ridiculous, there are a handful worth building a team around; but they will never be staple cards.

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    That's true Wargfn my personal favorite is the Apocalypse OP card and all of the phoenix force guys seem cool but yeah for the most part they just flat out stink

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    The one thing to keep in mind is that multiple stores that I host tournaments for have specified the D&D stuff (OP included) has a higher cost than the rest of the Dice Masters. I don't know why. If you want to make sure you do not turn your store off on Dice Masters you should make sure you have a committed group for all 3 story events before asking them. (I personally have been hesitant to touch this series as a result.)

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