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Thread: Yancy Street South, Oldsmar FL, DC OP draft, 6/5/15

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    Yancy Street South, Oldsmar FL, DC OP draft, 6/5/15

    630 pm
    13944 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33635

    Register on WKES for your points.

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    We had 4 show up, drafted a villains bolt team lost the finals match by 1 hp. Made my opponent sweat HARD, and created an interesting logic puzzle on how they could not die. Then they got lucky enough to pull off lethal the next turn.

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    Definitely my favorite game to date. I saw the 1 point survival play early, I was just racking my brain for what, 10 full minutes(?), trying to imagine a scenario where I can survive and still have dudes in play. In thinking about the play, that's where I realized that if I didn't pump your dude to kill my own hawkman, I would not have had any chance of killing you (by bringing your health down with Firestorm) the turn after. I lucked out with 1 FC rolls all around. So intense. I was prepared to lose that game, and still be happy, so much fun. Thank you, sir.

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