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Thread: Introducing the game to new players

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    Introducing the game to new players

    I've worked with my FLGS to launch weekly Dice Masters events in Philadelphia starting tonight! The first hour will be dedicated to teaching the game to noobs and I'm wondering what recommendations you might have for doing this successfully.

    I had college friend in town this weekend and he saw all the dice and wanted to play. Having never explained to game to another person, I wasn't quite prepared and I don't think I sold him on it.

    What's the best way to approach this?

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    Make two teams of 4 characters and send them at each other. I recommend things like B. manta, Cheetah, Sinestro and Deathstroke paired against Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Zatanna. Villains get villainous pact, JLA gets casualties.

    From there, just slow play it and explain each step. Don't be afraid to mess up your turns to keep the game close, and try to teach each teams strategy, before you teach the rules. It helps if they know what their teams are supposed to do. It encourages them to try to do things rather than sit back and wait for you to tell them what is next.

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    Would you recommend including BACs in an introductory game?

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    Yes, BACs are an important aspect that you need to teach. They are also good to teach ramp.

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    Has anyone successfully jump-started a DM community in their area and how long did it take?

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    I'm expecting Chris to jump in here since that is his segment on the podcast prime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphans View Post
    I'm expecting Chris to jump in here since that is his segment on the podcast prime.
    Yeah, I've gone back and re-listened to many of those. I used his recommendations to make my pitch for events to my FLGS.

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    To get his attention, try @Chris . Sometimes he is too busy with the awesome Facebook work, to read every thread in a timely manner.

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    Thanks to @Shadowmeld for the alert.

    @Crestfallen - to briefly answer your took about 30 - 90 days for our scene to really take root. Granted, I am pretty pressed for time, so we don't have weekly DM nights or anything like that. We just do a monthly event. So "30 - 90 days" can really be translated "3 quality events." We started with 12 players, our second event was 4 players (yikes!) and then our third event evened out at 8 players. No we consistently run 10 players.

    Does that help any?

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    Thanks, @Chris . The store suggested weekly events, at least initially, with the expectation that frequency and consistency would help bring in and retain players. I'm pretty pressed as well but I'm going to make it every week this month and hope some others can help run the events in the future. Thankfully, @Alex has already reached out and offered to help. So, we'll have at least 3 tonight.

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