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Thread: Create your own Marvel, DC, D&D and Other card for Vassal

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    Create your own Marvel, DC, D&D and Other card for Vassal

    With a total of 5 votes, it looks like the next Vassal mod I will be working on is a player created set.

    Post the stats for the card you would like to see in the next Vassal mod (probably when Ultron releases).

    Each person can only create one card per set. Please include any affiliations.

    Once 10 cards for each set are posted, I will set up a vote for the top 5 in each set.

    Once the top 5 are chosen, I will work the Photoshop and create the cards and post the images.

    The four sets are DC, Marvel, D&D and Other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
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    The Riddler - E. Nigma
    5M, Villain
    1 1/5 2 2/6 3 3/7
    While Active, your energy counts as two . (both s must be spent simultaneously, they cannot be spun down)
    When Fielded, you may spin up to The Riddler's level active Sidekicks you control to their faces.
    I'd LOVE to see this one.

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    This would fall under the "other" category if we're allow to do IPs not in Dice Masters yet. I'm open to suggestions if the cost should be different, or the text is confusing.

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